Experienced, Passionate Programmers Who Love to Teach

Excellent instructors are the backbone of any educational institution. At Fullstack Academy, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for educational quality, and that all starts with our teaching staff. Every instructor at Fullstack has several years of programming experience, ranging from 2-20+ years. All instructors also have prior teaching experience, whether in formal settings, like the traditional classroom, or through mentorship while working in senior software engineering roles.

Teaching at Fullstack involves more than giving in-depth lectures and workshop review presentations. Instructors also conduct personalized code reviews of student projects, hold 1-on-1 office hour sessions to mentor students, research/develop new parts of our ever-evolving curriculum, and write code for Fullstack’s educational software.

Instructor Omri Bernstein teaches a class of junior cohort students

Joseph Alves


Joe has several years of industry experience as a web developer, specializing in complex front-end development technologies like AngularJS and React. He mentored and trained junior developers in his most recent position before joining Fullstack, and he speaks regularly at technical conferences and educational events.


Geoff Bass


Geoff started programming as a freshman in high school by taking classes in Visual Basic and Java, then discovered his love of teaching while tutoring classmates in statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, he worked in the tutoring and test prep industry for several years, where he tutored a wide range of subjects, trained other tutors, and developed curriculum. Along the way, Geoff rediscovered the joy of coding and enrolled in Fullstack Academy as a student. He then went through Fullstack's fellowship program before becoming an instructor, and feels incredibly lucky to be working at the intersection of his passions for technology and education every day.


Omri Bernstein


Omri’s love for programming started way back in 2005. In college, he focused on artificial intelligence and quantum computing. Omri was a TA for both technical and non-technical courses during his undergraduate studies, and prior to joining Fullstack, he worked as a freelance software developer.

Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen


Ben discovered coding as a freshman at Johns Hopkins and promptly switched his major from creative writing to computer science. His instructional experience began as a teacher's assistant at college, where he also did research in topics ranging from detecting fake product reviews to building a brand new programming language. Since then Ben has worked at Microsoft where he built Windows 10 - with the help of a few thousand other engineers - and most recently spent time teaching graph theory and functional programming at the Recurse Center. The only thing Ben loves more than doing functional programming is teaching it.


Scott D'Alessandro


Scott has had a life-long passion for teaching and technology and previously founded a technology training company. After selling his company, Scott further pursued his interest in tech as a student in Fullstack’s very first cohort. Upon graduating at the top of his class, he was recruited as Fullstack's first teaching fellow, and then as an instructor. Scott brings deep teaching and mentoring experience to Fullstack, and he currently runs the Foundations pre-course in addition to developing for Fullstack’s educational software.


Nick Drane


Nick’s fascination with programming was sparked at 15 with the observation that Sudoku problems could be generated by a computer. He immersed himself in C++ that summer, teaching himself enough programming to generate these puzzles. In college, his interests shifted towards making video games and physics simulations. After graduating, he worked at Epic making healthcare software before cofounding a startup. Shortly afterwards he founded an organization for aspiring programmers and discovered his passion for teaching, the very same passion that directed him to Fullstack.


Emily Intersimone


Although Emily built her first websites while she was in junior high, she spent several years as a full-time musician before returning to web development as a member of Grace Hopper Academy’s inaugural cohort. She then stayed on as a Teaching Fellow, and is now an Instructor. She is consistently inspired by Grace Hopper students’ creativity and intelligence.


Kate Humphrey


Kate discovered coding as a freshman at UT-Austin, which prompted a change of major to Management Information Systems. Her desire to teach began as a TA for technical courses during her undergraduate career. Kate worked as a Technology and Marketing Consultant before shifting back toward more technical fields. After successfully graduating Fullstack Academy herself, she was a Teaching Fellow prior to becoming an Instructor.


Gabriel Lebec


Gabriel is primarily a self taught programmer, writing his first line of code in QBasic at age 12. From there, he taught himself the fundamentals of C and studied C++ while studying at Georgetown. After college, Gabriel explored more modern programming languages as a freelance developer, and after a stint in the medical research industry, returned to his programming roots by attending Fullstack Academy. Gabriel became a Teaching Fellow after graduating Fullstack, and then an Instructor. In addition to his long-standing coding background, Gabriel has teaching experience as a trainer of medical technicians and as a teaching assistant in upper-level life science classes.


Connie Lee


Connie studied Cognitive Science in undergrad at the University of California, San Diego — neurobiology, human/animal cognition, and other fun things. She discovered the joys of programming during the summer of her third year, through a data modeling & analysis class using MATLAB to implement different data modeling and machine learning algorithms. However, at this point Connie was set to graduate in just 3 months, so she decided to pursue the interest on her own rather than switch majors. After graduating, Connie tried out various online resources (e.g. Harvard’s CS50, Udacity, etc.) and planned a move to Chicago. She realized attending a school with a structured curriculum would be much more efficient for learning programming, and she ended up in Fullstack’s first Chicago cohort. Her rapid learning skills and desire to help her classmates lead her to stay on as a teaching fellow and then full-time instructor.


Eric Katz


Eric brings a wealth of programming and teaching experience to Fullstack. Eric has a degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and over 15 years of professional experience as a software engineer, at companies like IBM and iCapital Network. Eric has also taught web development at New York University for over 10 years.


Craig Kochis


A University of Washington and Y-Combinator alumnus, Craig is fluent in multiple programming languages and tech in general. After gaining industry experience in Seattle, Craig served as the founder and CTO of a couple startups in the Bay Area before moving to New York to take on a Solutions Engineer role at Facebook. Craig is now a Senior Software Engineer at Bonobos by day and Flex Immersive instructor by night. Programming is his passion, and he’s thrilled to pay it back to his students.


Nimit Maru


Nimit has programmed throughout his life, as a student majoring in CS & EE, as an entrepreneur, and as a professional developer. Nimit’s teaching experience includes mentoring junior developers while at Yahoo!, leading the engineering team at Bloomspot, and teaching business school students to code at The Wharton School, his alma mater, among others.


Katherine Mello


Katherine (Kat) was drawn to languages as both a hobby and passion. After taking Latin and German in high school, Kat majored in French Literature at Cornell. From there, JavaScript became her obsession, and Fullstack Academy was her opportunity to enter the exciting tech industry. After graduating Fullstack, she stayed on as a teaching fellow before joining Brooklyn-based devshop Re# Studio as a full-stack developer. Kat continues to help other motivated programmers make career transitions by teaching Fullstack’s Flex Immersive program. When she’s not absorbed in the rainbow of Sublime Text, you can find her slinging frisbees or making gains at the gym.


Ashi Mysore


Ashi’s first exposure to code was on her family’s Commodore 64 when she was six years old. After studying computer science and writing at University of Colorado Boulder, she worked on software at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and then Google. Although a skilled professional, Ashi’s passion is teaching. She has taught at multiple bootcamps and especially enjoys pair-programming with students.


Zeke Nierenberg


Zeke started coding at age 10 and hasn’t stopped since. His instructional experience started as a teacher’s assistant for CSE courses while still in college, and he quickly became an adjunct professor (he has also tutored throughout his college and professional career). Zeke was the cofounder of a startup directly after graduating college and worked as a software engineer at a marketing firm before joining Fullstack.


Daniel Sohval


Dan got his first taste of web development while editing his band's Myspace page in high school. After graduating from Vassar College, Dan taught English in South Korea via a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship. He continued his journey working as a developer at a virtual-reality start-up before joining the Fullstack academic team. Dan loves empowering students with JavaScript, almost as much as he loves writing short biographical blurbs!


David Yang


David has an undergraduate degree with a double major in computer science and electrical engineering. He’s been programming since age 7, when he wrote his first line of C, and hasn’t stopped throughout his educational and professional career. Beyond his extensive coding experience, David mentored developers while working in senior engineering roles at Gilt, BrightWire, and RecycleBank. He is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University and has taught programming to hundreds more students through his startup venture, MBA Code School.

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