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Master the fundamentals of JavaScript

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JavaScript Jumpstart is a 2 week evenings course that covers programming fundamentals

JavaScript Jumpstart is designed for students with some small experience programming who want to get a "jumpstart" on their journey toward becoming a Fullstack developer. This course is a great way to solidify your programming fundamentals and start learning the "one true language of the web", JavaScript. Jumpstart can also be useful in preparing for Fullstack Academy's admissions interviews.

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What you'll learn

Programming Fundamentals

Learn the building blocks of programming, including key areas like variables, loops, conditionals, arrays, and program flow.

JavaScript Syntax

Each programming language has its own unique syntax. Jumpstart focuses on JavaScript, one of the most popular languages in use today.

Solve coding problems

Leverage your new knowledge to tackle traditional coding problems. Create functions to efficiently search and manipulate data and numbers.

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Course structure

The course meets 3 evenings during a 2 week span. There is also remote work to be completed on the off-nights. The class is a mix of instruction followed by practical workshops designed to solidify your understanding of each concept.

You'll develop core programming skills and use them to solve various coding challenges. The course will finish with a cool final project to be completed remotely after the class.

Pre-Work 6 Hours Remote
Day 1 Classroom - 6:45PM to 9:30PM
Day 2 Classroom - 6:45PM to 9:30PM
Weekend Remote Suggested Practice Problems
Day 3 Classroom - 6:45PM to 9:30PM

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