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What You Will Achieve with JavaScript Jumpstart

Through targeted lectures and focused workshops, Jumpstart will teach you the ABCs of programming in JavaScript

Build a Foundation

Learn the building blocks of programming, including key areas like variables, loops, conditionals, arrays and use what you learned to build a useful final project.

Find Your Passion

Everyone can learn to code, but is it for you? Jumpstart Online is a pressure-free, risk-free way to try your hand at writing code from the comfort of your home.

Apply Your Skills

Coding lets you accomplish tasks, faster and smarter. You'll leverage your new found skills to search and arrange information for maximum efficiency.

Simple, Self-Paced
Online Learning

An intuitive experience that fits your schedule

Anywhere & Anytime

We understand you’re busy. Maybe this is your first step toward an eventual career in software development. Our online learning platform can be accessed 24/7.

High Quality Video Instruction

All videos are recorded and presented by experienced Fullstack Academy instructors. Lessons are detailed, interactive, and can be repeated as many times as necessary.

A Complete &
Engaging Course

A curriculum designed for deep understanding.

Over 10 Hours of Content

With over 10 hours of video content, Jumpstart online offers a complete introduction to JavaScript fundamentals.

Problem Sets & Reviews

You’ll never hit a learning roadblock with Jumpstart. Each lesson culminates with a workshop and step-by-step walkthroughs.

Community-Led Support

You will never be left stranded. We provide a knowledge base and community forum for you to ask questions and get answers

History and Future of JavaScript
Terms and Syntax Overview
Conditional Statements
Calling Functions
Creating ‘For’ and ‘While’ loops
Manipulating Arrays & Strings
Final Project: Encrypto-Tweet

The Fullstack Advantage

Drawing from our full-time immersive program, Jumpstart will accelerate your learning journey.

Taught by Industry Professionals

Jumpstart’s curriculum is designed and taught by our expert Fullstack instructors with years of real-world software engineering experience.

Learn at Your Own Pace

With our dynamic and flexible learning model, Jumpstart will allow you to begin your coding journey anywhere, anytime.

Gateway to Our Immersive Program

The skills taught in Jumpstart will help prepare you for the admissions coding assessment for our full-time immersive program. Accelerate your learning, hands on.

“ Through a well thought-out course which is designed to start simple and build to more complexity, I was able to embrace concepts that I’d previously struggled with.”

Chris Gullian
Former Jumpstart Student and Immersive Program Graduate

The Most Powerful
Language in the World

JavaScript is the universal language of the web.

For Front and Back-End Development

JavaScript is a dynamic language, unique in that it’s functional for both front and back-end development. Desirable because of its ability to create intuitive web experiences and beyond.

Used by Millions

Because of JavaScript’s functionality and ability to code intuitive, flowing web applications, it is quickly becoming the most popular, most preferred language for web-development.

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