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    Coding Bootcamps in Oklahoma Guide

    Learn to Code in Oklahoma with Fullstack Academy

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    Coding Bootcamps in Oklahoma Guide

    As technology rapidly evolves, the demand for skilled tech professionals will only increase—making now a great time to break into tech. With so many career paths and opportunities in the tech industry, you may wonder which one is right for you.

    While you might think you need a college degree or extensive professional experience to transition into tech, that’s not always the case for many lucrative roles. According to Indeed, software engineering and web development are two of the highest-paying tech jobs that don’t require a traditional degree to get started—making it more accessible for beginners to enter the field.

    In addition to being open to newcomers, many coding roles, including software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers, are expected to grow 25% by 2031—much faster than the average for all occupations (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). In Oklahoma alone, there are over 7,000 open software developer/engineer roles based on data from LightcastTM (February 2023).

    If you’re interested in becoming a software engineer or web developer, many coding programs in Oklahoma are available to help you gain the necessary technical skills. One such program, in particular, is a coding bootcamp. In this guide to coding bootcamps in Oklahoma, you’ll discover what a coding bootcamp is, learn about typical coding salaries in Oklahoma, find top employers hiring in Oklahoma, and more!

    Coding Bootcamps in Oklahoma: The Need for Coders

    Despite the promising growth within the field, there is an ongoing software developer shortage. The International Data Corporation predicts a global shortage of four million developers by 2025, which could result in roughly $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues by 2030. This developer shortage is a result of several factors but is primarily due to a need for more skilled talent.

    Part of the reason for the skills gap is the need for aspiring coders to have practical experience. Many traditional college programs focus on theoretical concepts rather than hands-on learning. This means many traditional 4-year college graduates lack the requirements and experience for most entry-level roles. To empower a new generation of software developers, students need an education option that provides real-world experiences—and a coding bootcamp in Oklahoma may be the answer!

    What is a Coding Bootcamp?

    Now that you know learning how to code can lead to a meaningful career, you might be thinking, “What is a coding bootcamp, and how can it help me land a job in tech?”

    Coding bootcamps are immersive, short-term programs that allow individuals to quickly develop in-demand skills and gain hands-on experience that will empower them to thrive as a coder. Coding bootcamps in Oklahoma can help kickstart a career in software engineering, web development, and other related in-demand areas like data analytics or artificial intelligence.

    While the curriculum can differ, most coding bootcamps cover fundamental concepts like HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, SQL, and more—depending on whether the bootcamp focuses on front-end, back-end, or full stack development.

    Coding bootcamps are often led by industry-experienced instructors passionate about what they do. Plus, some bootcamps, like those offered by Fullstack Academy, provide career support to help you land your first coding role.

    Why Choose a Coding Bootcamp?

    With many available coding programs in Oklahoma, why choose a coding bootcamp specifically? Coding bootcamps are great options for individuals with non-technical backgrounds looking to launch careers as software engineers or developers. Compared to a traditional four-year degree program, a coding bootcamp offers a more convenient and affordable pathway to developing the in-demand skills and experience that employers seek. Here are just a few of the benefits of attending a coding bootcamp:

    Skill Development

    With a coding bootcamp, you’ll quickly gain the skills and knowledge to transition to a career in software development. Unlike most traditional degree programs, you’ll gain real-world experience and create a portfolio to showcase to potential employers.


    According to Course Report, bootcamps have an average total cost of $14,000—much less than a four-year degree. Plus, there are many ways to pay for your bootcamp education, including scholarships, employer reimbursement, government assistance programs, and personal loans.

    Career Success

    According to Course Report’s latest outcomes report, 80% of survey respondents said they work in a job utilizing the skills they learned during bootcamp. Additionally, coding bootcamps may offer career support to help you during the hiring process.

    Time to Completion

    Most bootcamp students are working professionals who are looking for a career change. With a coding bootcamp, you can quickly gain the skills to kickstart a new career in a few months versus years. Plus, you won’t have to take any gen-ed courses, so you can focus solely on coding.

    Typical Coding Salaries in Oklahoma

    Compensation for coding positions can vary depending on job title, years of experience, industry, skill set, and location. Here is the nationwide average for several roles within the coding field based on data from LightcastTM (November 2023):

    • Web Developer: $87,739

    • Software Engineer/Software Developer: $139,952

    Like many roles, typical coding salaries in Oklahoma vary by location. Here are the average salaries for those same roles in Oklahoma based on data from LightcastTM (May 2023) :

    • Web Developer: $82,387

    • Software Engineer/Software Developer: $120,958

    Experience is also a determining factor for coding salaries. Based on data from Glassdoor, here’s a look at how the average salary for these roles differs by years of experience:

    • Web Developer:
      • Entry Level (0-1 years): $61,999

      • Mid-level (7-9 years): $81,090

      • Experienced (15+ years): $97,632

    • Software Developer
      • Entry Level: $78,864

      • Mid-level: $99,232

      • Experienced: $114,996

    Enrolling in a coding program in Oklahoma can help put you on a path toward a rewarding career with high earning potential.

    Types of Coding Bootcamps in Oklahoma

    There are many coding programs in Oklahoma to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you? First, decide what schedule works best for you. Are you looking for a full-time or part-time program? Do you need to attend classes at a specific time of day? Each coding bootcamp offers different schedule options, so narrowing it down to one that best meets your needs is essential.

    The curriculum for different types of coding bootcamps can also differ. While some coding bootcamps focus on specific tools, programs, and languages, some are tailored to particular roles.

    When researching coding bootcamps in Oklahoma, it’s also worth looking at hiring outcomes and the alumni network. A tell-tale sign of a high-quality bootcamp program is if graduates secure fulfilling roles within the field. Attending a coding bootcamp with built-in career support services and a thriving alumni network can also help you land your first coding job.

    Fullstack Academy Coding Bootcamps

    The Fullstack Academy Coding Bootcamp is an immersive online experience led by industry-experienced instructors. Built on active learning principles, you’ll develop in-demand skills through real-world projects and experiences. The Fullstack Academy Coding Bootcamp is offered both full-time and part-time to help accommodate your schedule.

    The full-time option is a rigorous 16-week program that prepares students of all skill levels for a career in software engineering. This live online bootcamp allows you to connect with instructors and peers through group projects and coding exercises. Due to the rigor and immersive nature of the full-time program, it’s recommended that students don’t maintain full-time employment so they can fully commit to bootcamp.

    If you need to maintain full-time employment while attending bootcamp, the Part-Time Fullstack Academy Coding Bootcamp offers the same curriculum as the full-time option but is spread over 28 weeks to help you balance other life commitments.

    The Grace Hopper Program Coding Bootcamp for Women

    Fullstack Academy also offers the Grace Hopper Program for women and non-binary coders to help address the gender gap in tech. The gender-allied program provides the same high-quality curriculum as the Fullstack Academy Coding Bootcamp, including full-time and part-time options, which can be completed in 16-28 weeks.

    What You'll Learn

    The Fullstack Academy Software Engineering Bootcamp utilizes an in-demand, JavaScript-based core curriculum.

    You’ll also learn how to apply generative AI in web development using ChatGPT, Bing AI, and more with a free elective course.


    Foundations On-Ramp

    The Software Engineering Immersive begins with a comprehensive Foundations on-ramp to support both intermediate and beginner coders. Designed to help all students reach a uniform skill level, Foundations covers the basic tenets of programming to prepare for the core curriculum—which moves through more advanced, specialized JavaScript concepts at a rapid bootcamp pace.

    Foundational Software Engineering Curriculum

    • HTML and CSS

    • Introduction to JavaScript programming

    • Advanced JavaScript including closure, prototypical inheritance, and recursion

    • Web development environment and industry-standard tools

    Foundations On-Ramp Features

    • Supports learners of all skill levels

    • Student-centered, inquiry-based learning in teams

    • Instructor-facilitated, live online classroom format

    • Immersive digital learning tools

    • At the end of this unit, you will complete a project to apply your skills

    You’ll study HTML5, CSS, and advanced CSS—and go beyond with fundamental Javascript concepts.


    • HTML5

    • CSS

    • JavaScript

    • Git and GitHub


    • Web Interface and Design - You’ll learn how content and imagery are best displayed on a website.
    • Front-End Framework - You’ll start to understand pre-written modules and their primary use cases in web development.


    • Pair Programming - Working with a fellow student, you’ll each use your newfound knowledge to write and optimize front-end code. This helps you build real-world experience and prepare for technical coding interviews.

    You’ll apply your JavaScript skills with the amazing ecosystem of libraries that have made JavaScript the industry standard of web engineering. We’ll also teach you to use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect to vast amounts of data to power your web applications.


    • JavaScript

    • JavaScript APIs

    • React, React Router, and React Hooks

    • Redux


    • Test-Driven Development (TDD) - Particularly relevant in JavaScript development, the TDD methodology allows developers to test new code before writing it—preserving its former iteration in case of incompatibilities or errors.


    • Prototyping - Throughout bootcamp, you’ll begin each project by scoping, researching, and beginning to build full stack web applications—touching on every stage of a typical, real-world prototype development process.

    You’ll master data organization and storage by working with SQL relational databases and learn how to integrate them into your applications. Then, it’s time to start building your own full stack application!


    • JavaScript

    • SQL


    • Full Stack Capstone Project - You will work with a team of students to come up with an ambitious idea for an app, and start building it out. This will be the most impressive project in your portfolio and will demonstrate your full understanding of software development and industry best practices.
    • Full Stack Project Pitching - After formulating your own idea for a web or mobile application, you’ll pitch it to the class. Taking market, design, and utility considerations into account, you’ll understand through your pitch process how development projects come to fruition in real-world scenarios.


    • Portfolio Development - As you complete your full stack web development projects, all your code will be housed in GitHub to demonstrate your technical prowess and creativity to potential employers.
    • Career Coaching - Fullstack Academy Career Coaches are your one-stop professional development resource. They’ll work with you on core aspects of the job search–from interview preparation to resume optimization–throughout the final stages of your bootcamp experience and beyond.

    University Coding Bootcamps Powered by Fullstack Academy

    Fullstack Academy partners with leading institutions nationwide to help close the skills gap in the tech industry. These programs offer students an accelerated pathway to developing the in-demand skills and knowledge they need to launch a career as a programmer.

    The University of Oklahoma Outreach Coding Bootcamp, powered by Fullstack Academy, is designed to help train the next generation of software engineers and web developers. Regardless of your background or skill level, the OU Outreach Coding Bootcamp will provide you with in-demand skills and knowledge to thrive in a variety of coding roles. Plus, you’ll graduate with a portfolio of projects to showcase your abilities and passion to potential employers.

    Top Employers Hiring in Oklahoma

    The tech sector in Oklahoma is growing rapidly, and employers are looking for skilled professionals to fill various roles. According to Oklahoma Magazine, over 2,000 tech companies in Oklahoma are looking to employ about 17,000 people.

    With such a demand for tech professionals, Oklahoma can be a great place to start a career as a web developer or software engineer. Here are some of the top employers hiring in Oklahoma, according to data from LightcastTM:

    • Boeing: As a leader in the industry, Boeing is helping to bring the future of aerospace to Oklahoma City. The global company’s engineering team helps to drive innovation and develop new products.

    • Humana: As a leader in healthcare, Humana offers a variety of career opportunities within the field. As a coding professional for Humana, you’ll find passion working within the healthcare field.

    • General Dynamics: An aerospace and defense organization, General Dynamics offers various coding careers.

    Coding Events in Oklahoma

    Gaining technical skills and experience is just one part of kickstarting a career as a coder. Networking is another important aspect of the job search. Attending industry events and meetups is a great way to meet other coding professionals and unlock new opportunities. Here is a list of coding events in Oklahoma and online:

    Events and Groups

    • Fullstack Academy: Attend an information session for the Fullstack Academy Software Engineering Bootcamp. Fullstack Academy also hosts career-focused events on resume optimization, interview preparation, and networking.

    • ThunderPlains: A web and mobile developer conference organized by Techlahoma.

    • 200OK: A web developer conference in Tulsa for industry professionals to connect and learn about the latest topics in web development.

    • DockerCon: A hybrid event for peer networking and enhancing technical knowledge.

    • Microsoft Ignite: Designed for tech professionals from various focus areas, this conference helps attendees build new skills and meet other developers.

    • DeveloperWeek Virtual: Learn the latest technologies, languages, and tools at the most extensive developer conference and event series.


    • OKC Coffee and Code: This local group in Oklahoma City helps coders connect with other developers and work on coding projects.

    • OKC WebDevs: A multi-language programming group in Oklahoma City that meets regularly to network and learn from industry experts.

    • SheCodesOKC: A network of female and non-binary technologists who meet monthly to discuss a wide range of topics and offer support to each other.

    Coding Bootcamp FAQs

    • Coding bootcamps offer an excellent opportunity to break into the industry or advance an existing tech career. There are many benefits to pursuing a coding bootcamp. Students can expect to:

      • Gain hands-on experience with the latest coding tools and software

      • Learn fundamental knowledge from industry-experienced instructors

      • Acquire critical skills and build a professional portfolio of projects

      • Receive career support and job search assistance

    • The typical salary for coding bootcamp graduates can vary depending on factors such as location, skills, certifications, and experience level. However, here are some average salaries for common entry-level coding positions, according to Glassdoor:

      • Web Developer: $62,013

      • Software Developer/Engineer: $87,054

    • Coding bootcamps provide an accelerated learning path that typically lasts several weeks to a few months. Some bootcamps follow a strict schedule with live classes, while others may offer a self-paced option.

      Fullstack Academy offers two coding bootcamp options: 16 weeks full-time or 28 weeks part-time. All classes are held live online to facilitate an immersive, active learning approach.


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