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Your Journey Through Fullstack

Fullstack's Bootcamp Prep will help prepare you for admissions into our prestigious flagship Software Engineering Immersive, Remote Immersive, and Flex Immersive programs. This rigorous course will also prepare you for admissions into many other highly-ranked coding bootcamps. You'll learn more than just the fundamentals of programming, you'll learn how to solve real-world coding problems using the JavaScript language.


Self-paced online course ($49)

Bootcamp Prep

Study online ($2,750)

Coding assessment
and admissions interview
to move on

Fullstack Software
Engineering Immersive

4 weeks online + 13 weeks on campus

Get hired as a professional software engineer

Launch a startup

Advance your current career

What You'll Learn



JavaScript refresher,
defining and invoking functions,
data types



Control flow,
and loops



multidimensional arrays,
nested loops


Project 1




Recursion, approaching problems, review, mock interview

Final Project

Course Structure

As a student in Fullstack's Bootcamp Prep, you’ll be taught by passionate professional software engineers using Fullstack's well-tested curriculum and teaching methodology.

This program is intense and mentally demanding and we only recommend it for those who are truly committed to attending a top coding school. You’ll come to our online campus 4 nights a week, for 4 consecutive weeks. There is also homework to be completed on the off-nights. The class is a mix of instruction followed by practical workshops designed to solidify your understanding of each concept.

You'll develop core programming skills and use them to solve various coding challenges. During the last week, you'll work on a cool project that pulls together everything you've learned.

Weekly Schedule

Schedule (EST)
Monday 6:40 PM - 9:40 PM
Tuesday 6:40 PM - 9:40 PM
Wednesday 6:40 PM - 9:40 PM
Thursday 6:40 PM - 9:40 PM

Experience the Fullstack campus — virtually

With our industry-leading learning platform, you will get the full classroom experience — adapted for live, remote learning — from anywhere you choose. Here's what you'll do each night:

Watch a live lecture in our video classroom

Learn coding concepts from one of our awesome instructors, in a fun and engaging lecture.

Then solve coding challenges on our learning platform

The best way to learn is by doing, and that’s how you’ll spend most of your time in this course.

Get real-time instructor support

If you get stuck, just click on the “Help Desk” button to get instant support via chat or video conference.

Watch solution videos to review your code

Once you’ve solved each coding challenge, you’ll watch a video to see how your instructor would have done it.

Cohort Dates & Price

New classes start the first Monday of each month

Cohort Start Date
Course Registration
March 20, 2017 Spots Available Register
April 17, 2017 Spots Available Register
May 15, 2017 Spots Available Register
June 12, 2017 Spots Available Register
July 17, 2017 Spots Available Register
August 14, 2017 Spots Available Register

Tuition: $2,750

Tuition Rollover & Guarantee

If you successfully complete the work in this course, we guarantee you’ll get into a coding bootcamp. If you are accepted into any of the Fullstack Software Engineering Immersive, Remote Immersive, or Flex Immersive programs beginning March 2017 or later, $2,250 of the tuition from this course will count towards your tuition for the immersive program.

50 States of Code Scholarship

Through our 50 States of Code scholarship fund, we're awarding automatic $2,000 scholarships for Remote Bootcamp Prep to qualifying, accepted students. Note: if a scholarship recipient is accepted to any Fullstack Immersive program following Remote Bootcamp Prep, the entire remainder of the Bootcamp Prep tuition will roll-over towards the immersive.

The Bootcamp Prep Guarantee

This course prepares you for the technical portion of the Fullstack admissions process but completion of this course does not guarantee acceptance to our Software Engineering Immersive, Remote Immersive, or Flex Immersive programs. Fullstack's admissions is one of the most rigorous in the industry, and we look for many qualities beyond just technical expertise. You will still need to complete the same coding assessment and interview process as all other Fullstack applicants. If you are accepted into any of Fullstack's immersive programs, then $2,250 of the tuition from this course will count towards your tuition for the immersive program. This also applies to tuition for Fullstack's partner school Grace Hopper Academy.

How does the guarantee work?

If you successfully complete Bootcamp Prep, we guarantee you’ll get accepted into at least one of these coding schools:

  • Coding Dojo
  • Dev Bootcamp
  • Flatiron School
  • Fullstack Academy
  • Galvanize
  • General Assembly
  • Grace Hopper Academy
  • Hack Reactor
  • Launch Academy
  • Turing School

If you make a good faith effort to apply to all schools listed above within 3 months of completing this course, and are not accepted to at least one of them, then you will be eligible for a full refund.

Admissions for Bootcamp Prep

Bootcamp Prep at Fullstack has a light admissions process. Although the course is designed for beginners, the curriculum starts with the assumption that students have basic familiarity with JavaScript syntax. This allows the class to move at a good pace and yield quality outcomes for students.

There are 2 components of admissions for Bootcamp Prep:

  1. Several short application questions, completed when submitting a deposit
  2. A short Coding Admissions Assessment, completed after submitting the deposit

The Bootcamp Prep Admissions Assessment has “easy” level questions on topics like Strings, Arrays, and Loops. Completing the Codecademy JavaScript track is likely enough preparation for it, though taking a video-based course like JavaScript Jumpstart is even better. You get access to JavaScript Jumpstart when you submit your deposit for Bootcamp Prep, and can take that before completing the admissions test.

Admissions Process

  1. Submit a $450 deposit, along with admissions questions, to reserve a spot in your desired Bootcamp Prep cohort
  2. After submitting the deposit, you’re invited to the admissions test, and given 1 week to complete it. You’ll also get access to JavaScript Jumpstart Online (typically takes 10-12 hours to complete), which is very good preparation for the test.
  3. After you take the assessment, Fullstack gets back to you in a few days to let you know the outcome.
  4. If you pass the test and are accepted, your spot in Bootcamp Prep will be confirmed and you’re ready to start class on Day 1.
  5. If you do not pass the test, you will have the option to defer to the next Bootcamp Prep cohort (free of charge), or can choose to receive a full refund of your deposit.

If you have any questions about this process, please email