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The Curriculum

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    There is a strong focus on learning how to learn and developing a foundation of understanding to build on.

    Christian Sakai Technical Cofounder @ NinthBeat
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    Unlike its ruby/rails counterparts, Fullstack focuses on Javascript, in particular the MEAN stack. This is an awesome choice in my opinion.

    Sarah Muenzinger JavaScript Developer @ Yuzu
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    The curriculum was spot-on in the latest in software development. Demand for angularJS and the other technologies we learned has only grown since I graduated.

    Ginna Baker Software Engineer @ Kargo
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    The curriculum is well-thought-out and designed. It has a focus on the JavaScript (MEAN) stack so there’s less language context-switching (as opposed to other bootcamps that use say Rails). This way you can become extremely proficient with one language yet also focus on fundamentals and concepts.

    Eddie Ng Software Engineer @ Noom

Fullstack Instructors

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    Founders David and Nimit are deeply knowledgable and experienced programmers... But Fullstack is their passion, and it shows. They are not only terrific mentors, but also deeply committed to hiring quality staff.

    Adam Barcan Automation Engineer @ Greenhouse Software
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    The instructors not only have the experience, but are able to effectively communicate complex ideas in ways that any student can understand. When you learn with them, debugging was more of an interactive discussion than an answer.

    Evan Torkos Software Engineer @ Prescriptive Data Solutions
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    When smart people are doing something they are passionate about, they do an amazing job.

    Benjamine Levine Software Engineer @ Tru Optik

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Career and Job Development

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    In the two weeks after I graduated, I had conversations with 8 different companies... I ended up accepting a role as a software engineer 1.5 weeks out of Fullstack.

    Alex Baden Software Engineer @ PaintZen
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    Fullstack's Hiring Program Manager Shanna was integral in helping us by providing us resources for preparing for interviews with coding challenges, and questions, networking and job application advice, and being accessible whenever we had any questions, even when it came down to salary negotiation!

    Dien Nguyen Software Engineer @ Bounce Exchange
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    I can confidently say that Fullstack has thoroughly prepared me for my current position—I was able to make high quality contributions to my codebase almost immediately.

    Tong Xiang Mobile Software Engineer @

Community and Culture

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    I was really motivated by my Fullstack classmates to work hard, and I felt grateful to be part of a community that was fun, driven, and supportive, which is why I think Fullstack was so successful.

    Sun Moses Kim Software Developer @ Ralph Co.
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    Over the duration of the course, I was able to push through my self doubt with the positive encouragement of my instructors and the strong bonds I formed with some of the other students in the program.

    Kyle Dorman Software Engineer @ Gilt
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    The pace is quick and intense but also fun and exciting. The instructors are all wonderful teachers and always eager to help with any challenges/bugs that students encounter. They care deeply about their students and you can see their enthusiasm and joy as they're teaching.

    Stav Meidan Frontend Engineer @
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    My classmates, as diverse a group as any, were smart, capable, motivated, and most importantly generous—you’ll find no shortage of new friends eager to help you squash bugs when you (inevitably) run into them.

    Samuel Lau Senior Developer @ Mommy Nearest

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