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The Curriculum

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    The program itself is very fast-paced and it isn't intended for you to learn everything you could possibly know about software development but it does teach you everything you need to know to be successful. You'll learn how to learn and this is the best quality you could possibly have as a developer. Frameworks will come in and out of style but having the ability to learn quickly and apply knowledge is very powerful.

    Jami Gibbs Frontend Software Developer at 7Summits
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    Unlike its ruby/rails counterparts, Fullstack focuses on Javascript, in particular the MEAN stack. This is an awesome choice in my opinion.

    Sarah Muenzinger JavaScript Developer @ Yuzu
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    The curriculum was spot-on in the latest in software development. Demand for angularJS and the other technologies we learned has only grown since I graduated.

    Ginna Baker Software Engineer @ Kargo
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    The curriculum is well-thought-out and designed. It has a focus on the JavaScript (MEAN) stack so there’s less language context-switching (as opposed to other bootcamps that use say Rails). This way you can become extremely proficient with one language yet also focus on fundamentals and concepts.

    Eddie Ng Software Engineer @ Noom

Fullstack Instructors

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    The instructors at Fullstack were more than willing to work closely with me as a student to answer any lingering questions I had after lectures. I was honestly surprised how much one-on-one time I was able to get with all of them. After the program, I went on to become a teaching fellow at Fullstack which gave me a peek behind the curtain and I can say with confidence that everyone who I interacted with on the fullstack staff level was as committed to helping students succeed as anyone I have met.

    Elizabeth Silverstein Software Engineer at Toast, Inc.
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    Every instructor I interacted with is amazing. Everyone is brilliant, helpful, and engaging. All in all, I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning more about Software Engineering. It is beyond just another ‘learn how to code’ bootcamp. It is a life-changing, challenging, and gratifying experience.

    Grant Weiss Software Development Engineer at 4C Insights
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    When smart people are doing something they are passionate about, they do an amazing job.

    Benjamine Levine Software Engineer @ Tru Optik

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Career and Job Development

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    The career services and post Fullstack experience were equally amazing. They care and prepare you well for what lies ahead. They know what goes into interviewing and landing jobs at top tech firms and prepare you very well. They set in stone habits that make you not only a good programmer but a good engineer.

    Mueed Chaudhry Optimization Manager at Intent
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    The program leads, instructors and teaching fellows really play a big role in their students' success and are constantly going out of their way to make sure everyone is getting the help they need to succeed.

    Tetiana Farhuts Front End Software Developer at BlueVoyant
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    I can confidently say that Fullstack has thoroughly prepared me for my current position—I was able to make high quality contributions to my codebase almost immediately.

    Tong Xiang Mobile Software Engineer @

Community and Culture

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    I also can't say enough about the staff and students at Fullstack. Some of my best friends in the Chicago area are from the people that I attended the program with. It was awesome getting to spend 3 months working with like-minded individuals who actually were interested in learning the material, not people who were in class because they were expected to be there.

    Patrick Gund Software Engineer at ServiceNow
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    Over the duration of the course, I was able to push through my self doubt with the positive encouragement of my instructors and the strong bonds I formed with some of the other students in the program.

    Kyle Dorman Software Engineer @ Gilt
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    The pace is quick and intense but also fun and exciting. The instructors are all wonderful teachers and always eager to help with any challenges/bugs that students encounter. They care deeply about their students and you can see their enthusiasm and joy as they're teaching.

    Stav Meidan Frontend Engineer @
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    My classmates, as diverse a group as any, were smart, capable, motivated, and most importantly generous—you’ll find no shortage of new friends eager to help you squash bugs when you (inevitably) run into them.

    Samuel Lau Senior Developer @ Mommy Nearest

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