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The Curriculum

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    The program itself is very fast-paced and it isn't intended for you to learn everything you could possibly know about software development but it does teach you everything you need to know to be successful. You'll learn how to learn and this is the best quality you could possibly have as a developer. Frameworks will come in and out of style but having the ability to learn quickly and apply knowledge is very powerful.

    Jami Gibbs Frontend Software Developer at 7Summits
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    Fullstack Academy is so amazing! From the instructors to the curriculum, everything is designed to give you the best learning experience. First, the pace and organization of the course are great! Lectures were long enough for us to learn a ton of information, and they were paired with workshops and labs to really make sure we fully understood the information. Instructors and teaching fellows were always on hand to give additional guidance and answer any questions we had. I really got the sense that they actually cared about making sure we not only understood the information but also that they cared that we succeeded.

    Stephen Chow Forward Deployed Engineer at Bluecore
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    About half of each day are live lectures, and the other half are pair programming workshops. Pair programming was one of the best learning experiences I had at Fullstack. Not only do you learn more about each person in your class, but you acquire knowledge from your time working with each individual (i.e. setting up your code editor to be more efficient when coding, understanding the Github workflow, keyboard shortcuts, organizing your code in a DRY manner, etc.). Pair programming is also reflective of how programmers code in their day job and is one of the fastest ways to really learn the technology taught for that day.

    Jasmine Munoz Full Stack Engineer at Allstate
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    I chose Fullstack for two main reasons: because admissions were competitive, and because of the curriculum. Valuing competitive admissions was a great call: all of the students, fellows, and instructors in my cohort were unfailingly curious, driven, and intelligent. I evaluated the curriculum with the help of some tech friends who recognized that FSA’s curriculum taught skills like React and Redux that were highly in-demand.

    Madison Jennings Junior Developer at onPeak

Fullstack Instructors

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    The instructors at Fullstack were more than willing to work closely with me as a student to answer any lingering questions I had after lectures. I was honestly surprised how much one-on-one time I was able to get with all of them. After the program, I went on to become a teaching fellow at Fullstack which gave me a peek behind the curtain and I can say with confidence that everyone who I interacted with on the fullstack staff level was as committed to helping students succeed as anyone I have met.

    Elizabeth Silverstein Software Engineer at Toast, Inc.
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    Every instructor I interacted with is amazing. Everyone is brilliant, helpful, and engaging. All in all, I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning more about Software Engineering. It is beyond just another ‘learn how to code’ bootcamp. It is a life-changing, challenging, and gratifying experience.

    Grant Weiss Software Development Engineer at 4C Insights
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    The instructors are great programmers, but they are also incredible communicators. They are great instructors who happen to teach software engineering, something they are really great at too. It is abundantly clear that they want you to do well and that includes caring about things outside of simply software engineering. I've never had better teaching on any subject than what I received at Fullstack Academy.

    Trevor Storey Software Engineer at Invoca
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    This entire program was a really rewarding experience starting from the beginning to the end. The curriculum covered in the allotted time span was taught in ways that worked effectively for me from both the instructors and teaching assistants. You can tell they genuinely care for your progress and will take the time to answer any questions you have. The amount of effort that I put in was well received, and you can tell the staff at Fullstack truly want you to succeed.

    Chris Choi Solutions Engineer at Datadog

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Career and Job Development

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    The career services and post Fullstack experience were equally amazing. They care and prepare you well for what lies ahead. They know what goes into interviewing and landing jobs at top tech firms and prepare you very well. They set in stone habits that make you not only a good programmer but a good engineer.

    Mueed Chaudhry Optimization Manager at Intent
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    The program leads, instructors and teaching fellows really play a big role in their students' success and are constantly going out of their way to make sure everyone is getting the help they need to succeed.

    Tetiana Farhuts Front End Software Developer at BlueVoyant
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    The career success team is out of this world and go above and beyond their job descriptions to help grads get exceptional jobs all over the country. They have placed FS/GH grads at companies as bootcamp grad #1 (myself included!) and built up some pretty sweet networks along the way. Seriously, they're committed to getting you a job after graduation and have often given me advice and action plans way outside of work hours.

    Danielle YoungSmith Forward Deployed Solution Engineer at C3
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    The career success team is prepared not just to help you find any job, or any high paying job, but a job that matches your interests that you will find professionally fulfilling and that will lead to long term career growth. I think that this is unique among bootcamps. Lots of bootcamps have some form of demo day or hiring day or TAs that give job application advice, but none that I've seen have the professional level of career support that I've seen at Fullstack.

    Sam Bakkila Curriculum Product Manager at Codecademy

Community and Culture

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    I also can't say enough about the staff and students at Fullstack. Some of my best friends in the Chicago area are from the people that I attended the program with. It was awesome getting to spend 3 months working with like-minded individuals who actually were interested in learning the material, not people who were in class because they were expected to be there.

    Patrick Gund Software Engineer at ServiceNow
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    I had a lot of support at Grace Hopper, and it felt great to be in a diverse, LGBTQ+-friendly environment. Both the students and the staff were friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is demanding but not competitive—everyone shares the view that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ and wants to help everyone do as well as they can.

    Leigh Steiner Frontend Developer at The New Republic
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    Fullstack purposefully crafts a supportive, collaborative environment by explicitly teaching in the first week such topics as why pair programming is important and how to do it well, how to combat implicit biases, and how to give clear, helpful feedback.

    Matti Barzilai Associate Software Dev Engineer at Expedia Group
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    The most notable thing about Fullstack is its culture, one which I’ve never been a part of in my life. It really motivates and challenges you to break out of your shell and really connect with the people around you. I’ve met some of the smartest people and made some life-long friends and despite all of the challenges that come with re-programming your brain in 13 weeks, there was always a friendly face to help you through any crazy trouble you may be struggling with.

    Christian Bulacan Big Data Engineer at Jet

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