Get to Know Our Alums

If you're wondering whether Fullstack is the right fit for you, you've come to the right place. Here our diverse group of alums shares their backgrounds, what led them to tech, why they chose Fullstack over others, and where their training has landed them post-graduation. Explore their stories and imagine where you could end up after 17 weeks with us.

Advice for New Devs from Fullstack Alum Clément Mihailescu

In our latest Fireside Chat, Fullstack alum Clément Mihailescu shares career advice and an inside look at leaving his job to develop AlgoExpert.

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Alum Stories: Q&A with Shawn Wang (FSA ’17)

Fullstack alum Shawn Wang talks about Learning in Public, writing his book, fighting imposter syndrome, and more.

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Watch: Two Alums Reflect on Their Online Coding Bootcamp Experience

“My remote experience was fantastic.” Alums Bethany Qiang and Mark Hario from Fullstack’s Remote Immersive share the benefits of the program, how it set them up for success, and more.

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4 Ways the Grace Hopper Program Celebrates Community and Collaboration

If you’re making a career change, having a supportive community is crucial. Get to know the Grace Hopper alum community through this collection of videos.

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How Coding, Creativity & Communication Combine to Make You a Stronger Developer

“Artists are uniquely poised to be amazing engineers because we’re taught to solve problems.” From art and collaboration to the value of high-quality code, get to know Kevin Ho, Fullstack alum and software engineer at Beacon Platform.

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