Get to Know Our Alums

If you're wondering whether Fullstack is the right fit for you, you've come to the right place. Here, our diverse group of alums share their backgrounds, what led them to coding, why they chose Fullstack over others, and where their training has landed them post-graduation. Explore their stories and imagine where you could end up after 17 weeks with us.

Straight From the Programmer’s Mouth: 5 Grads Share their Experiences

Fullstack and Grace Hopper grads are not only hardworking, exemplary students, but they’re also generous and service-oriented—and one of the ways they consistently give back is by sharing their perspectives on coding bootcamp with not only us but you, too. Here are five alums dishing on why they chose Fullstack, what they learned during their time here, and why they recommend you take the leap and apply.

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7 Developers Who Are Thriving in a Second Career in Coding

A second career in coding is a real possibility for almost anyone. Just ask these coders who have made the transition into the world of software development.

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Bootcamp Grads Become the Most Well-Rounded Programmers

Liz Phillips started off in theater and production design and ended up at Grace Hopper feeling burned out and in dire need of a change. Follow along with her journey to find out how Grace Hopper restored her sanity and why she works to recruit other women alums to her company.

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Working Full-Time During a Part-Time Coding Bootcamp

Mike Kerslake worked full-time while attending Fullstack's part-time Flex Immersive—no easy feat. Find out how he successfully managed coding bootcamp and work. 

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Finding Support Within the Women’s Coding Community

Jamie Lau was drawn to Grace Hopper Program's goal of making tech education more accessible to women--and now she's a software engineer. See how she did it.

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