Alumni Stories

One of the best reasons to attend Fullstack Academy is the student body — your classmates.

Having motivated, intelligent peers encourages you to do your best work and collaborate for excellence. Students come to Fullstack from a variety of backgrounds and for numerous reasons. Some want a career as a developer, and some aspire to start their own companies, but all are interesting, intellectual, and super nice people.

Here’s a small sample of their stories, their experiences at Fullstack, and what they went on to do after they graduated from Fullstack.

Carolyn Zelenetz (Software Engineer at Google)

In this episode, David speaks with Carolyn Zelenetz, who graduated from the Fullstack immersive program and went on to become a software engineer at Google. More about Carolyn:

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When Milad Nazeri attended Fullstack Academy's immersive program he became more and more fascinated by the world of VR. This passion and new JavaScript development skills led him to find an opportunity as an Integration Engineer at High Fidelity, one of the world's leading social VR platforms. From that role he got promoted to be a full-fledged content developer.

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Ash Ryan (developer evangelist at Adobe)

In this episode, David speaks with Ash Ryan, who graduated from the Fullstack immersive program and went on to become a developer evangelist at Adobe.

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Cristina Colón (fullstack developer at Hightower)

Fullstack Founder David Yang speaks with Cristina Colón, who left finance to study programming at Fullstack. Cristina, a CFA and University of Pennsylvania graduate, discusses her thought process behind leaving a successful job at Goldman Sachs to pursue her passion for coding and break into the exciting world of tech.

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Sarah Zinger (developer at Yuzu)

In this episode, David speaks with Sarah Zinger, who left a career as a social worker to attend the Fullstack immersive program. Sarah describes her journey through the program and then becoming a fullstack developer at Yuzu...and how "giving back" is still an important part of her life.

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