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3D Tic Tac Toe

Due to unwieldy physical game boards, playing 3D tic tac toe can be surprisingly difficult in the real world. However, in the virtual world, 3D tic tac toe is fun and accessible. A 3x3x3 game board creates an additional challenge while guaranteeing that no game ends in a draw. After the first round, subsequent games are started by the previous loser, allowing redemption through the capture of the coveted middle cube.

Katharine built this interactive 3D game using three.js to harness the power of WebGL. The creation of this game required an understanding of 3D space and recognizing how objects are positioned in relation to each other and the camera through which we view them. Additionally, the simple 3x3 game of tic tac toe was expanded to a 3x3x3 version in which draws are not possible and there are 76 winning possibilities. The game play makes the most of 3D by bringing three planes into play: the x-axis, the y-axis and the z-axis.

Project Members: Katharine Chun

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