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Announcing the Fullstack Academy of Code

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“You had us at Hello World.”

To those of you who have started on their Road to Code, Nimit and I salute you. It’s never been a better time to learn how to code than right now: There are an amazing number of resources available to you that are both freely available and high-quality and if you’re interested in pursuing a career in software, there are many companies eager to find smart, talented and hungry programmers.

We’re excited to open the Fullstack Academy of Code to help you accelerate and maximize your learning goals.

Why We Love Coding

You might view coding as a difficult endeavor or something that only some people are capable of understanding. Maybe you think coding is not for you because most coders typically come from engineering/math backgrounds and use cryptic tools like Vi/Emacs.

Yes, there are many things in computer science that are complex and difficult but we’re also in the middle of a computing renaissance in terms of the tools, technologies, and frameworks that are available. We don’t think it’s hyperbolic to compare modern software to Gutenberg’s printing press in terms of democratizing and enabling people to express themselves.

It’s hard to believe but coding is more than variables, functions, languages and syntax filled with all the weird keys in the upper right of your keyboard (apologies for our American keyboard bias). It’s about the realization (and formalization) of your ideas into practice. We hope to instill in our students the belief that coding is like any other form of art and like art, once you get past the basics, it’s much less about the medium and more about the clarity and power of expression.

Return on Education Investment

There are many cultural and historical precedents associated with education (and rightfully so) but in the end, education is a product in which we invest in hopes of a return. Salman Khan, in “One World Schoolhouse” describes the genesis of the modern liberal arts education as originating in the Socratic search for “pure truth” rather than vocational skill:

Our universities are still wrestling with an ancient but false dichotomy between the abstract and the practical, between wisdom and skill. Why should it prove so difficult to design a school that would teach both skill and wisdom, or even better, wisdom through skill? That’s the challenge and the opportunity we face today.

Nimit and I believe that education needs to be both practical and intellectual and we’ve designed the Fullstack Academy program around those goals. We provide the ideal environment, curriculum, mentorship and peer group that will maximize your opportunity of learning software as a real and enduring skillset. Most importantly, your goals and our goals are aligned: the success of Fullstack Academy will be determined entirely by the success of our students in achieving their goals.

Lastly, our curriculum focuses on developing your innate passion for coding and a practical path to personal continuing development. We’re currently teaching Ruby on Rails and Ember.js but these technologies are and will continue to change. To stay relevant as a software developer, we help you train a mental toolset to guide your own education after your time at Fullstack.

The Culture of Fullstack Academy

It’s often said that children learn faster than adults because of brain plasticity. This may be true, but we believe a much larger reason adults struggle with learning is because of “capability identity.” As adults, we aim to view ourselves as capable people and so when we struggle with something, our brains protect our identity by either shutting down or saying that this topic “is not for me.” That’s why at Fullstack Academy we believe strongly in learning by teaching.

You will have just as many opportunities to teach as to learn at Fullstack Academy. Whether presenting work to fellow classmates or just by pair programming with a different classmate each day, there is nothing as educational (or humbling) as being placed in the position of a teacher. It makes us better learners and better sharers of knowledge, and we view it as one of the advantages of our program.

Who We Are

Nimit and I love teaching and empowering our students with that feeling of “I can do this.” We want to empower you to take the ideas in your mind and translate them into reality through the language of code. We aim to provide and environment where smart, dedicated and talented people walk together on their own “road to code” journey. Our greatest joy is to have your day filled with “eureka” moments. We want you to become creators, both of software and your own future.

We’re excited to open Fullstack Academy, to be in New York City, and to meet many of you who are interested in the world of software development. If a coding bootcamp is for you, come check out our unique program by attending an info session or campus tour.

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