4 Excellent (Free!) Online Resources for Learning JavaScript

By: Fullstack Staff

One of the hardest parts about learning to code is finding the right resources to study from. Without strong coding knowledge, how can you pick the right things to learn? Well to help solve that problem, we’ve put together a short list of 4 quality resources for learning JavaScript from scratch.

Working through these materials isn’t necessarily easy… But that’s because programming isn’t easy! If you’re motivated to learn JavaScript, a great language to focus on right now, then these will be very useful.

Note: If you already have some programming experience then check out the 4th resource and the Bonus, which will be a better fit for your background.

4 Free Resources for Learning JavaScript

1. Codecademy’s JavaScript Track

Level: Pure Beginner

What: Interactive tutorial covering the complete basics of JavaScript

Time Requirement: 10 - 15 hours

Outcome: After completing Codecademy’s JS track you’ll have a basic understanding of the underlying workings of JavaScript, from variables and functions to loops and conditionals.

Note: If you’ve never coded before, you may have to review some portions of this course twice to understand the material.

2. Treehouse’s JavaScript Foundations

Level: Pure Beginner

What: Video lectures and interactive interface covering JavaScript fundamentals

Time Requirement: 10-15 hours

Outcome: This course covers similar material as #1, but in a different format. The videos provide good instruction, and it’s often useful when first learning JavaScript to review the basics in a different ways.

Note: To get this class for free you’ll need to sign up for a free trial on Treehouse, which lasts for 14 days.

3. Udacity’s JavaScript Basics

Level: Advanced Beginner

What: Video lectures, assignments and a class project

Time Requirement: 20-25 hours

Note: This course is good for those with prior programming experience and for beginners who have completed one of the resources above.

Outcome: This Udacity course dives a little deeper into JavaScript, covering the basics and beyond, and also includes a project where you’ll get to see the more practical applications of learning JS.

Note: This is the most in depth JavaScript resource and is in a format resembling a traditional online class. The class project offers great way to see how JavaScript works in the real world.

4. Fullstack's Bootcamp Prep Online (Free for a limited time)

Level: Advanced Beginner

What: A series of coding challenges, arranged in order of increasing difficulty, designed to help you pass Fullstack's admissions process. 

Outcome: After completing this course, you'll be better prepared to tackle the coding challenges on Fullstack's admissions coding assessment.

Bonus Resource: Codewars

Level: Advanced Beginner

What: Programming challenges of varying difficulty

Time Requirement: N/A

Note: Codewars problems are a great way to test your practical knowledge of JavaScript and solidify your learning. Start with the “Easy” ones and move forward from there.

We hope you find these resources useful. Want to stay informed about other learning resources and Fullstack Academy? Follow us on Twitter @fullstack

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