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Breadcrumbs is an augmented reality React-Native iOS app inspired by Hansel and Gretel. Users can create or follow a trail of AR breadcrumbs, rendered as 3D floating orbs through your phone's camera. Being independent of a map-based API, our app utilizes your relative location to provide small scale accuracy where Google Maps would fail. Or if you're feeing adventurous, follow another user's trail to explore the road best travelled. Breadcrumbs is your beacon back home.

- Breadcrumbs daringly uses experimental technologies like EXPO-Three, in conjunction with some libraries (iOS ARKit) which are only a few months old within the React-Native environment.
- Rather than relying on geolocation, we made the choice to leverage EXPO-Three in order to gather relative location data for small scale exact accuracy (i.e. looking for your car in a parking garage, first-time student at Fullstack looking for the Oasis.)
- As our Capstone, we wanted to explore new libraries like ARKit, Three.js, Expo-Three, React-Native & combined with all of the technologies we know and love on the stack like Express and Sequelize.

Team Members: Kevin Ho, Shannen Ye, Jesse Moskowitz, Vanessa Jimenez

Deployed Frontend on EXPO:
Project Github:

Project Members: Kevin Ho, Jesse Moskowitz, Shannen Ye, Vanessa Jimenez

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