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Changes to the Flex Immersive Program (2015)

Fullstack oct 21 2015 12

Fullstack’s Flex-Immersive, our in-depth part time coding course that covers the complete Fullstack curriculum, has had a great year. Flex offers an opportunity to complete the rigorous Fullstack immersive program, but over a six-month span, while keeping a full-time job. In 2015, our Flex students completed challenging workshops and built some amazing projects, all in addition to working demanding jobs. The schedule-accommodating hours and award winning curriculum have attracted a wide variety of people interested in leveling-up their careers, including students from companies such as Google, Facebook, Citigroup, and others. And for grads looking for new careers as developers, we’ve seen great hiring outcomes at companies large and small -- it is a model that has proven itself successful and we are proud to continue offering it as an alternative to Fullstack’s flagship, full-time program.

However, the one constant in Tech is change, and part of what makes Fullstack best in class is our commitment to iterative improvement and educational excellence. We’ve seen that the current structure of Flex -- two weeknights + all day Saturday, every week for six months -- is still challenging from a time commitment standpoint. However, we’ve also seen that students perform well when spending an entire day on campus, as it’s closer to an immersive experience.

New Flex Structure: Immersive Weekends

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new, immersive weekend structure for Flex cohorts in 2016. In this new schedule, students will still attend class in-person two nights per week, but the weekends will be structured differently. Each month will have one immersive weekend, where Flex students come to campus both Saturday and Sunday. The other three weekends will consist of remote work -- not requiring live attendance. These remote weekends will utilize learning tools that work well in that format: video lectures and workshop reviews, solo coding workshops, and even pair-programming with classmates using virtual collaboration tools. This remote work will be self-paced -- completed by a deadline, but on the student’s schedule.

Our primary educational goal for the Flex Immersive is to make students into professional-grade software developers. This new format will incorporate more total hours each month than the current Flex format, but the schedule will become more accommodating for working professionals.

Learn More about Flex

If you’re looking to transform your career, either by sharpening your skills in your current role or by making a full switch to software engineering, hopefully these structural changes will make Flex an option for you. Applications for the new, January 2016 Flex Immersive course are currently open through early December. Admissions are rolling and spots are limited.

Learn more about Fullstack’s new Flex Immersive course here:

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