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    Maximize Your Time During a Global Pandemic: Code from Home

    By Sam Zelitch

    FSA blog header code from home

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, many workers and students are now being asked to work from home. Some people, sadly, have found themselves either out of work or on a hiatus from classes.

    A lot has changed in just a few weeks. From my position as Fullstack’s community manager, I can say our communities are feeling the change.

    Earlier this month, our co-founder and co-CEO David Yang made the decision to move all our classes and operations online. (In case you missed the announcement, here it is.) Over the past two weeks, our Slack channels have been alive with quarantine memes and Zoom tips.

    During a time of huge global change, it’s easy to get swept up by all the motion. It’s also easy to lose sight of your goals and spend a lot of time worrying about what will come next. When the future seems hectic, I return to my community to help me stay focused on my goals.

    I believe in Fullstack’s purpose, to use education to transform communities and economies. The future is uncertain, but in times of crisis, providing education is one way we can help bolster our economy and stay focused on our common goal.

    We at Fullstack want to help you take some control of your future during this time by inviting you to participate in an easy (and free) way to join our community of coders. If you’re stuck at home, we want to help you Code from Home.

    All Bootcamp Prep courses are being moved to an online format and, starting today, they will also be offered for free to all with the code CodeFromHome.

    What is Bootcamp Prep?

    Bootcamp Prep is the course we offer to coders who have already started their road to code. If you’ve taken a few online classes and you’re interested in doing a deeper dive with the guidance of one of our instructors, Bootcamp Prep is the way to go.

    Though it’s not required to enroll in a Fullstack or Grace Hopper program, many of our current immersive students started with Bootcamp Prep and report that it was a great environment to focus their coding education.

    Bootcamp Prep classes follow the same method as our immersive classes: short lectures followed by practice problems designed to give you hands-on experience.

    At the end of your Bootcamp Prep, you’ll be given access to a risk-free practice assessment, which is modeled on the same assessment required to enter Fullstack.

    (Spoiler alert: If you’re interested in attending Fullstack or Grace Hopper and you do well on this practice assessment, we won’t make you take it again!)

    You have the choice to take Bootcamp Prep three ways: in a week, in a month, or at your own pace.

    No matter what your goal or your timeframe are, you’ll leave Bootcamp Prep with access to a curriculum full of slide decks and workshops that will prepare you to attend a coding bootcamp when you’re ready.


    Other Options If You’ve Never Coded Before

    While Bootcamp Prep is designed for learners with a little bit of coding experience, you can still be part of the Fullstack community if you’ve never coded before.

    Let’s say, for example, you’ve never opened Google Chrome Developer tools or you don’t know the difference between front-end and back-end or you have no idea what “HTML” stands for. Fear not! Fullstack’s Intro to Coding, normally offered for $99, is also completely free with the code CodeFromHome.

    Access to this course includes videos and interactive quizzes to guide you through the basics of coding the web.

    And because we believe in hands-on work at Fullstack, there are two projects you’ll work on in the course: using code to build your own digital business card and then, once you’ve mastered some more interactive features, you’ll learn to code your own countdown clock.

    Want more free online learning resources? Here are 13 ways to learn JavaScript for free.


    To Recap

    For anyone looking to keep their coding goals alive, Fullstack is pleased to offer two great options now for free with the code CodeFromHome:

    • Intro to Coding for complete beginners
    • Bootcamp Prep Online for beginners with some experience coding

    Our lives are changing rapidly in the wake of COVID-19, so it’s important to keep up our routines. After you wash your hands, get food delivered for the week, and make sure your loved ones are safe, we’ll be here, ready to help you made a positive step toward a new life in coding. Come Code from Home with us!

    Sam Zelitch is Fullstack Academy’s Community Manager. He organizes events to bring our community of coding learners together and teach them the ways of Fullstack. He also can recite the US presidents in order from memory.