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Comic Pow-Wow is a collaborative mobile application that allows you to create comic strips with your friends in real-time. Users can add photos from their image library or instantly snap a live pic, "comify" their image using filters, borders, text bubbles and stickers, and add 'comified' squares to their comic strip.

We used Ionic and AngularJS to build our mobile application. With Firebase, every time a new comic frame is added, all friends in the same story are instantly notified. In addition, we used MongoDB, HTML5/ CSS3, and CamanJS library to make the app come to life.

The result is an intuitive, addictive mobile app that has many use cases, ranging from a way to capture shared experiences with friends to an outlet for your imagination.

Project Members: Debanshi Bheda, Jeff Fenster, Henry Nguyen, Eric Traub

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