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Common Canvas

Real time communication is largely limited to text and audio. Further, video communication is not always an appropriate or effective medium for exchanging ideas. Our Common Canvas is a collaborative whiteboard that can be used anywhere. People can sketch out ideas in real time or just have fun drawing together.

Our dynamic drawing tool updates the canvas with every user's brush strokes in real time. We have a variety of color and brush size options to so users can create expressive and beautiful drawings. Users can save their canvas to work on in the future, or capture their work as an image and share it with friends.

Using our "get a room" functionality, anyone can create a new canvas in seconds. Others can join and contribute via link or by entering the room name, allowing for impromptu sessions among friends or colleagues.

Common Canvas is hosted on Heroku, and saved canvas images are stored using Amazon S3.

Project Members: David Tebbi Galen Weber Alexius Wronka Stella Zhao

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