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CryptoPass is a suite of data encryption and management tools accessible through a master password set by the user. All your data is encrypted and stored locally on your machine, never in a database. By securely accessing all your sensitive data through just one password, you'll never have to worry about forgetting your passwords or critical data again.

For your convenience CryptoPass includes a desktop app, a chrome extension, and a mobile app. Easily view, add, or update any account, credit card, and personal info you desire, and using our random password generator, give your accounts the strong unique passwords they deserve. Using our chrome extension, automatically navigate and log-in to all your favorite websites, and checkout using any of your saved credit cards. Forgot your password? If you've linked your account with Dropbox, you can recover your data using your phone's built-in fingerprint verification technology.

CryptoPass was developed in JavaScript using Electron, Ionic, and AngularJS frameworks, and utilizes, Crypto-js, and other Node.js libraries.

Project Members: Reed Branson, Alec Friedman, Elliot McNary, Julia Siwak

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