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    CyberTech NYC 2021: The Fullstack Cyber Experience

    By Laura Arce-Cervantes

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    The Cybersecurity Analytics Bootcamp at Fullstack Academy offers students much more than a typical course curriculum. The immersive nature of our program allows students to thrive throughout their continuing education and beyond as they transition into their careers. Most recently, our current Cybersecurity cohort had the opportunity to attend the international summit for the cyber industry, Cybertech NYC 2021.

    Cybertech group
    Fullstack Academy at Cybertech (students, alumni, instructors, and staff)

    Representing the Cybersecurity Cohort

    There was an incredible turnout, including 36 current students and 12 job-seeking alumni. This notable moment for the Cyber cohort revealed the passion our students hold for cybersecurity and their commitment. Not even distance could discourage our students from participating; some took the time to travel from places as far as Texas to attend Cybertech NYC 2021. The participation of our students could not have been possible without the incredible work of our instructional staff: Matt Mintzer, Ryan Nigro, Kara Medema, and Josh Mann.

    As Fullstack Academy programs continue to be remote, our students and instructors successfully provide the same level of engagement through live lectures, one-on-one sessions, and student collaboration as they would for on-campus classes. Through this experience, students are no longer just classmates; genuine, life-long friendships form. Thanks to Cybertech, the cybersecurity cohort was able to finally meet and connect for the first time in person! Undoubtedly, the anticipation of attending the cyber conference as a cohort was powerful.

    The Impact of our Fullstack Community

    An essential factor of a large-scale event is holding engaging panels with knowledgeable industry speakers. Acting as a moderator for the “Talent Development for Cybersecurity” panel at Cybertech, Veer Dedhia brought an inclusive perspective, offering his thoughts on eliminating the requirement for a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity roles.

    According to a study completed by Burning Glass in 2019, 88% of cybersecurity jobs require a bachelor’s degree or higher. As a former Google security engineer and currently Fullstack Academy’s Director of Cybersecurity Academics, Veer Dedhia is no stranger to the cyber industry. Consistently earning well-deserved praise from students and colleagues, his impact on the Cybersecurity program proves that a lucrative career in cybersecurity stems from more than just technical expertise; one’s education is just as valuable and impactful as the instructor.

    Students cybertech
    Gael Tellez and Ian Adams (2108 Cyber students) came in 2nd place in the Cyber Cup challenge, besting teams from 4-year programs.

    Fullstack Academy had the honor of being represented at Cybertech by our instructors and students. Cybersecurity students Ian Adams and Gael Tellez participated in the Cybertech Student World Cup competition hosted by Cyberbit, a cyber skill development platform. The Cybertech Student World Cup enables students from the leading cybersecurity programs in the New York Region to perform hands-on cyber challenges reflecting incidents they will face on the job. Our students performed challenges such as investigation forensics and threat detection in virtual cyber labs during the competition.

    Ian Adams recalls his nerves for his first public hackathon, “I was excited and nervous at the same time. At the end of the day, I trusted in the skills I had learned throughout the Fullstack Cybersecurity program.” With only 11 weeks of cybersecurity training, our cyber students prepared for the first Cybertech hackathon of the New York region. One of our Cybersecurity Instructors, Michael Spracklen, coached both students and worked alongside them leading up to the competition.

    Competing against others currently in their last year of a bachelor’s degree program can be intimidating, but this didn’t sway our students—Ian Adams and Gael Tellez placed 2nd in the hackathon, an excellent achievement for them and their cohort.

    When asked about the overall competition experience, it was the camaraderie shared by the entire Fullstack team that was recognized: “It feels amazing to be the first cohort to experience something like this,” as Gael Tellez revels in the vibrant energy of the Cybertech event, “I'd vouch for it to be done again in the future!”

    Networking Within the Industry

    Beyond the excitement of the hackathon, students avidly connected with potential employers. Thanks to Fullstack’s Career Success team, each cybersecurity student was more than ready for the networking aspect of the event. Between panels hosted by top cybersecurity professionals and exhibits, the networking opportunities were endless. Several of our hiring partners attended and met with our students among the 200+ companies and startups at Cybertech, including Perimeter Watch, XM Cyber, Sterling National Bank, and more. Each interaction with potential employers provided a small glimpse of what students could expect in the upcoming Employer Meet and Greets.

    Industry leaders
    Industry leaders hire Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp Alums.

    Next Steps

    There’s no better place to make your move into a cybersecurity career than the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp. With a challenging and rewarding educational program that takes you beyond the (virtual) classroom, as a cyber student, you are exposed to an abundance of opportunities and assistance throughout the journey. Take the next steps to transform your career and apply to our upcoming cohort.

    Interested in learning more about cybersecurity? Check out our free Hacking 101 video series to learn about current cyber threats, or try our free Cyber OnRamp course to learn Linux Command Line for beginners.