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    Fullstack Academy’s New Brand Looks to the Future

    By Fullstack Academy Team

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    As Fullstack Academy prepares to celebrate a decade of changing lives through tech education, we’ve helped thousands of graduates secure their dream jobs, expanded with exciting new programs, and grown our staff to serve more students.

    “From the very beginning, Fullstack Academy’s mission has been to transform lives and communities by teaching technologies that power the future,” says Jerrad Tausz, CEO of Fullstack Academy, “and as we head into our second decade, we wanted our brand to reflect that in an even bigger, bolder, and more modern way.”

    This week we unveiled the refreshed Fullstack Academy brand along with a new website that will help us reach the next generation of Fullstack students and partners. “Our new brand represents both where we are and where we’re headed,” Tausz says, “while also paying homage to the beginnings of Fullstack Academy — and the journey that brought us here.”


    Our new Fullstack Academy logo aligns with the signature Fullstack “F” for an instantly recognizable emblem that reflects our constant striving to move onward and upward. Our new look is bold and modern — just like our mission to change lives through tech education.

    Fullstack Academy Logo Schematics

    Color Palette

    You may notice our striking new color palette, which features shade names that reflect both an educational theme (Apple and Gum) and the coding environment (Code and Terminal).

    Fullstack Academy Color Palette


    You may have noticed our new brand typeface, Space Grotesk. It’s bold, modern, and reflects the coding environment that we’re all so intimately familiar with here at Fullstack.

    Fullstack Academy Space Grotesk Font

    You’ll also see our new supporting typeface, Fraunces, infusing a bit of that academic, collegiate feel to our new website and other assets.

    Fullstack Academy Fraunces Font

    Looking to the future

    As Fullstack Academy evolves to meet the moment, our brand is evolving along with us. Because transformation is, has been, and will always be at the core of Fullstack Academy. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

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