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Matthew Smith first shows a simple smart contract application that let's users store a simple message to themselves on the Ethereum blockchain. The contract ensures the message is safe forever and can only be viewed by the creator, since requesting it requires a signed transaction from the account that created it.

He then goes on to present ETHCache, a project that lets geocache/geocache enthusiasts put a prize or bounty on the blockchain to be claimed by anyone who finds their cache. A user can come to the site and see all the bounties published as well as a title, rough GPS coordinates, and a hint or two (contract creator willing). Contract creators just need to set a passcode or string that can be found in the physical cache once found, and entering that code will pay the bounty out to the finder. To make it interesting, anyone can add to any bounty if they want to increase the pot for an especially interesting hiding spot.

Project Members: Matthew Smith

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