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FitMix is a versatile web app for creating workout mixes in the browser to download or share with others.

Typically, playlists for workouts and fitness classes are static—at most, they’re themed and ordered for a certain effect. FitMix arms athletes and instructors with extensive control for creating dynamic exercise mixes that follow the structure and intensity of their workouts; users can enhance their mixes with sound effects and text-to-speech instructions while they clip the best parts of their favorite songs to create invigorating motivational mashups.

FitMix gives athletes powerful tools for editing their music and it maintains a straightforward, intuitive interface for doing so. Drag-and-drop reordering, dynamic resizing, and one-click track cropping let anyone create great mixes with no experience needed.

Project Members: Nick Palenchar, Emily Chesler, Matt Bryan, Dan Chen

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