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Questers use a map based interface which guides them through challenges that require them to gather clues, answer questions, and explore the area around them. Answering a question correctly reveals the next target. Multiple players within a quest can view one another on the map and see real-time progress updates as their quest unfolds.

GeoQuest is built as a hybrid mobile web application that is powered by AngularJ wrapped in Ionic, runs on Android and iOS devices, and takes full advantage of advanced device features such as background GPS updates and push notifications. GeoQuest incorporates a dynamic web socket scheme that accommodates transmission of real time location and status updates between players. Web sockets also support rolling creation of new quests, and multiple simultaneous instances of the same quest.

Users are able to create and share quests using a web application which stores quest information such as checkpoint locations and challenges to be conquered. These can then be published and accessed through a mobile device, to take the user through an experience in the real world.

Project Members: Will J. Joe O. Scott E.

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