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One of the most popular project management methodologies in the tech world is Agile, and by extension Scrum. Github, as the most widely used version control system, is often used in conjunction with Agile by teams to improve their workflow. However, using the two together often results in inefficiencies from having two separate points of issue and task reporting. Grille solves this by allowing developers to collaborate with their team and manage their projects on Github in one place, improving efficiency and ensuring teams are always up to date. Grille not only mirrors Github but extends its functionality with Agile tools such as story points and sprints, keeping all pertinent information on one central site. Beyond basic agile functionality though, Grille also provides scrum leaders and project managers with analytics generated from team data,making it easier to gauge team and individual progress.

Project Members: Srikant Sarda David Scherban Will Capozzoli Samuel Ballan

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