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I Was Never Just a Number: Why One Grad Chose Fullstack Academy

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Kevin Ho knows a thing or two about pivots—before honing his skills at our coding bootcamp and becoming a frontend developer at Beacon Platform, Inc., he spent 10 years as a professional dancer in NYC. But once he retired from dance, he found himself in a position all too familiar to many of us: trying to determine what his next career move should be. A quick dip into digital marketing revealed that wasn’t the right fit for him, so what next?

“Coding bootcamp was more bang for my buck, no question.

His dad’s work at Oracle had given Kevin an early taste for tech, and he decided it was now time to explore that familial passion by becoming a developer himself. As he researched available training, he was surprised to learn that a bootcamp format would work best for him — when compared to a single semester of graduate school, not only would bootcamp save him time and money, it would arm him with exactly the practical skills he needed to quickly land a job and get back into the workforce pronto.

“I can’t even tell you how helpful it was.”

Hearing Kevin talk about all of the reasons he chose Fullstack Academy, one thing becomes crystal clear: the biggest draw for him was our community. From the instructors offering daily office hours and being available for technical drills to the admissions team being super excited to welcome him and answer questions, he came to lean heavily on the support.

Enrolling in a coding bootcamp is an intense commitment, no matter what your prior background and experience are. You’re learning so much in a condensed time frame, and it can get stressful. Like any student, Kevin felt that pressure and this is where the encouragement from his program leads really mattered. Whether it was a quick note on Slack after his presentation or an invitation to a social event, Kevin never felt alone or like he was just a number.

He loved feeling that everyone cared about his success and growth during the program — so much so, in fact, that he stayed on for an extra three months after graduation as a teaching fellow to mentor the next group of students. Just as his fellow had done for him, he invested in the next cohort to make sure they felt secure and supported.

“I feel really confident about my ability to get a job.”

Eventually the time came for Kevin to begin his job search, and he worked closely with our Career Success team to fine-tune his resume, polish his interview skills, and stay motivated. And all of that work paid off: A mere three weeks after graduation, he was entering final interview rounds with multiple employers, and it didn’t take long before he had accepted his first job in web development. (Of course, having an instructor make a warm introduction for him at a company he was interested in didn’t exactly hurt his chances.)

Today, Kevin is the happiest he’s ever been. He was so confident from the start that Fullstack was the right place for him that he never even applied to any other programs—and he has no regrets.

We’re glad to hear it, Kevin.

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