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Introduction to Firebase

So there is Fire…base.
What is it and how does it apply to what I may or may not need. Firebase is an awesome platform to build your applications. It gets you off ground running.

Firebase is a fully featured development platform that scales dynamically. It allows you to reduce the time needed in development of your project. It’s like a swiss army knife. It does so many things that trying to understand all it’s components is overwhelming. Firebase is an awesome tool to have under your belt. Sometime having the right tool for the right job can be crucial.

Among many components of Firebase, Realtime Database is something everyone gets interested in. What is a Realtime Database. It’s a noSQL/JSON database in real time. Which means that it will update your data in the clouds and keep all the linked clients up to date as well. There are a lot of applications to benefit from this, one of which is a chat application. Being able to keep data synced across your application can be challenge, especially when the response time and being connected to the internet matters. This is where Realtime Database stands out strong.

Firebase is a great tool that is constantly being improved upon. Please feel free to dig deeper into other components of Firebase and see how your project can benefit.

Project Members: David Yoon

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