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KinderCode is a web application that teaches children coding fundamentals by letting them build an executable program using blocks of code. The game engine/code interpreter was developed using ES6 JavaScript. It accounts for nested commands using a recursive function in the interpreter, and handles blocking between commands by introducing an event queue, providing time for every command to finish executing before the next one begins.

Users' progress persists in the database as they move through challenges. Every time a user logs in, they are automatically routed to the furthest point they have progressed to thus far.

The KinderCode programming language supports looping, as well as conditional if and if not statements. The goal of the game is to collect yellow, blue and red star coins as the user's avatar or "sprite" moves across the grid. The red star coin toggles between yellow and red as the user's avatar moves across the canvas. The if and if not statements should be used in conjunction with the collect red star command to collect this star as it randomly toggles between yellow and red.

Project Members: Don Hansen, Sara Trujillo, Soren Yeadon

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