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Krill Hunter

A side scrolling game made with JavaScript library Phaser. A narwhale swims to eat clouds of krill but must avoid the jellyfish. The map was built using the program Tiled and imported to the project. The animation is created using multiple images mapping frames to movement types. Eating krill clouds generates a sound effect, gives you points and increases your body size. Collision with the jellyfish causes your health to go down and you revert to starting size.

Challenges included getting the map to import, collision between the whale and moving jellyfish, programming the jellyfish to move up and down. The Phaser library itself was a challenge since the documentation for the latest version is not published. This was a good experience to deep dive into console logs.

It was very rewarding to be able to create a fun game after only a few months programming in JavaScript.

Project Members: Daniel Feeney

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