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LitReviews Digest

As an avid reader myself, whenever I discover a new book, especially upon browsing in a book store, reviews can be the deciding factor on whether or not I decide to purchase a book and commit to reading. I have found that it takes too many clicks and too much searching before I can find a trusted, thoughtful [,as unbiased as possible] review. Lit Reviews Digest aims to solve this problem by pulling reviews from only the most sought after books platforms. It allows the user to save reviews to be read later and a gps feature to search for the closest book store in the area.

I used Express, PostgresQL/Sequelize for the backend and React, Redux for the frontend, Material UI and various react libraries for design. I was able to pull from the Google Books API, NYTimes Books API, Penguin Random House API, and the iDreamBooks API for book information. For the maps I used the Google Maps Javascript API.

Project Members: Kevin Hu