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Did you just get out of a Marvel movie and forget a character's name but they are on the poster? Or maybe you saw a comic book cover and wanted to know what series it was from?

You can now live at ease with Marvelpedia!

Marvelpedia was created by Jacob Rico and uses Marvel Comics' API and Google's Cloud Vision image recognition API to identify characters from images and give you the option to see more info on that character and also see all of the series that they are featured in. The app itself is created with React and uses an Node/Express back end. All of the images that are uploaded for the Vision API are base64 encoded once they are "uploaded" to the site and sent directly to Google, never being stored in a database and being removed from memory right after they leave the local state of the app. There is also the added feature to search through Marvel's massive online database and find some great comics to read next!

If you want to see how it was all done, you can start your searching here:

Project Members: Jacob Rico

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