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Are you a proud Pinterest pinner? Have you spent hours saving pins to your "Yummy Recipes" and "Crafty Ideas" boards? Are you overwhelmed with all of your options?

Gabrielle Sin tapped into the Pinterest API to generate a curated board of your saved pins. Using the Passport-Pinterest strategy, OAuth, and ngrok to make the secured network request Pinterest requires, you can generate a board of your vetted pins to find the inspiration you're looking for.

MoodBored is based on the "mood ring", popularized in the 1970s, and the need to find some creative inspiration when you're feeling bored. Mood rings would change colors when worn, and describe how the wearer was feeling. For example 'blue', would indicate that the wearer was "Calm, peaceful, optimistic." The intent is for a future iteration to allow the user to "create" a pin by uploading a photo, and a "moodbored" is generated of like or similar pins.

Project Members: Gabrielle Sin

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