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This app is an implementation of a beloved game from Ricardo's childhood and is also the first React-Native project for the creator.

Done entirely from scratch, OthellO, is a simple but fully functioning version of the game done entirely in React-Native using only JavaScript to create the game logic. Upon initialization of the game and before and after each player move, the board is traversed and checked for legal moves for the current player which are highlighted by check marks.

After a move is made on a valid position, the eight cardinal directions around the new piece are checked recursively to confirm the validity of the move, check which pieces now lie between this new piece and any other player pieces (in all directions), and then these in between pieces are all "flipped," scores recalculated, players swapped and new valid moves are recalculated.

OthellO was built using React, React-Native, JavaScript and Sequelize with postgreSQL. This is Ricardo's first game project and was a great learning experience about native mobile development, simple game development, and learning new technology on the fly. Feel free to check out his work and watch the game evolve and grow as new features are added at

Project Members: Ricardo Dominguez

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