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    5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Coding Career

    By Emily Gregor

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    As we shift to working and learning remotely during these challenging times, one thing Fullstack Academy wants to ensure is that we’re continuing to support the next generation of software developers by providing valuable tools and resources.

    Fullstack’s co-founders and co-CEOs, David Yang and Nimit Maru, have taken this to heart by producing live Fireside Chats (subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out), offering career advice, job-seeking tips, and more.

    In addition to hearing their perspectives, those who watch live can ask questions and get an idea for what Fullstack has to offer.

    From managing up to demonstrating potential, watch the five clips below to learn how to recession-proof your career (or watch the full video to hear more of the conversation).

    1. Activate Your Network

    One of the most important ways to keep your career goals moving forward is to maintain your network—even when you’re not able to communicate in person.

    “Activating your network is really just rekindling some of the connections you have and letting them know what you’ve been up to,” David says.

    As far as who to reconnect with, he recommends thinking beyond just your former supervisors. Consider your peers, those you’ve managed, and others you’ve collaborated with along the way.

    2. Manage Your Boss

    Now is the time to take initiative and flex your adaptability and flexibility. One way to achieve this is by managing your boss—otherwise known as managing up.

    “Think about what matters to your manager, what value are you providing the company, and how will you be recognized for that value?” Nimit says. “A lot of people think about managing down, but you actually need to be managing up.”

    Nimit also recommends thinking about how you help your teammates and how you’re being a good teammate.

    “People want to keep good team members. Be the person that people rely on,” he says.

    3. Brand Yourself

    Take the time to ensure your LinkedIn, resume, and portfolio website represent you and set you apart from the crowd. Keep your projects and work experience updated and try to add statistics and numbers to boost credibility and authority in your field.

    “If you think about your career, your career is a company of one. You are the CEO and janitor of your own career,” David says. “When someone looks at you, what are a few things they think about? What’s the takeaway?”

    Effective branding can make it easier for companies to hire you, so make it a priority to set yourself up for success.

    4. Demonstrate Potential

    When thinking about how to recession-proof your career, it’s critical to show your managers that you’re essential to the future of the organization.

    “Be the person who demonstrates your potential for growth and your potential for flexibility inside the company,” Nimit says.

    One thing to keep in mind is that It’s much easier to transition into a new role at your current company than it is to get a role at a different company.

    5. Focus on Hard Skills/Hard Output

    Finally, focusing on hard skills and hard outputs. Whether you’re working as a software developer or working in marketing, take initiative and try to solve the problems you’re working on.

    “It’s very different being the person who’s talking about the iPhone app versus the person who’s built the iPhone app,” David says.

    If you’re willing to take ownership of projects and find opportunities to lead projects, replacing you will much more difficult than if you wait for opportunities to come to you.

    When you attend Fullstack Academy, you have access to an entire Career Success team that is dedicated to your success. Find out more about the professional skills you’ll learn both during and after participating in one of our immersive programs.