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Sandcastle is an in-browser text editor that not only lets users write both frontend and backend code, but also runs a Docker container for them so that they can demo their entire application.

Sandcastle combines the functionality of frontend development tools such as Codepen and JSFiddle, the API development platform Postman, and the PostgreSQL database viewer Postico. With Sandcastle, not only can users view their website with the click of a button, they can also test out their RESTful routes and visualize their entire database in one single-page application.

Sandcastle's frontend was built with React and React-Redux, and uses Firebase and the open source text editor Firepad to save users’ code in real-time. Sandcastle's backend was created with Express, and uses a Postgres database to store users’ projects. Sandcastle also runs a Docker container for each and every project, which allows users to write their own server and database.

Project Members: Elliott Brooks, Susanna Huang, Meredith Kiung, Jin Wang

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