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    SpellBook aims to address the gender gap in Computer Science by engaging girls in programming at a young age. Studies show that girls are more engaged in stories and characters, and so we built SpellBook to appeal to all children who enjoy reading. SpellBook is an interactive story book that teaches children basic programming logic, using fun story-lines and a unique drag-and-drop interface. Each page in the book will further the storyline and present the child with a fun challenge that uses a basic piece of logic (such as if-statements, loops, etc).

    Using Angular, Crafty.js, and Tween.js, we designed a visual programming language inspired by Scratch that allows players to drag and drop commands into a 'spell', and watch their mini program play out on the game board, giving them the chance to debug their code.

    Additionally, we rendered data visualizations with D3 that allow teachers, parents and children to see a child's progress and performance on each of the logic concepts that we're teaching.

    Project Members: Beckylee Dell Chandra Galbiati Emily Sanford Austin Shoecraft