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Textree Plot

An open-world multiplayer javascript development environment. Participants' actions are synchronized across all connections to a particular URL. The default terminal emulator has a list of commands that run certain functions (files, create, save) but if the input doesn't match any of those, it is eval()'d with the context of that terminal div, allowing some collaborative javascript prototyping.

'create Codemirror' adds an editor component to the page, which is also synchronized. The 'R' button on this component hoists the editor contents to a script tag in the documents head, allowing variables and functions to be declared in the editor and invoked in the terminal.

'create Tag' adds a blank 'leaf' component, which can be edited with the 'A' button. With every change to the editor, the editor contents are assigned as the innerHTML of the 'leaf' - so you can prototype your html and css and get real time feedback in an editor you can share.

Project Members: Colten Jackson

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