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The 3 Game of Thrones Characters You Meet At Bootcamp

By Emily Rose Prats

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The 3 Game of Thrones Characters You Meet At Bootcamp

Originally published on the blog over at SwitchUp, an ed-tech course hub.

The software development industry is growing quickly, with lots of bootcamps vying for supremacy and programming enthusiasts from all walks of life rising through the ranks to take the world by storm. Sound familiar? The Game of Thrones comparison is all too real, and we’ve even discovered three specific characters you’re bound to meet at bootcamp. Get to know them below--could you be one yourself?!--then check out our #WinterIsCoding challenge, and see how you can win some of the $100,000 in scholarships Fullstack is giving away this winter.

Picture of Cersei


No matter your industry—marketing, finance, data—there may come a time when you can’t get your work done without a developer. And if that time comes regularly, it can be extremely frustrating to be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule and skill set. Especially for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses, the more you or your small team can accomplish internally, the more money you save—and perhaps more importantly, the more of your valuable time you aren’t spending hiring and managing contractors.

Cersei is that person who started learning code out of necessity, but who enjoys the game, and who turns to bootcamp to become fully autonomous and all-powerful. Keep an eye on her after graduation: She’s bound to disrupt an industry or two.

Picture of Tyrion


Sometimes you find yourself in a career trajectory that just isn’t working out. You might be really smart and feel you aren’t being challenged. Or you’re bored after years of the same thing. Maybe the industry is unstable, or you cannot handle the people you find yourself working with. Whatever the reason, you’re unhappy in your current situation, and you want to be part of an industry and a team that takes advantage of your skills and challenges you to think creatively, where you feel you have a chance to make a real impact.

Tyrion is this guy—who doesn’t fit in his current environment, finds his career stalled at every turn, and is looking for his niche. Programming can be a great option for folks like him, who are smart, creative, and looking to make a difference at work and in the world. He’s come to bootcamp to make the transition quickly—he’s already put time into one industry and doesn’t want to waste time on a several—and probably has some juicy stories to share from his last job.

Picture of Daenerys


Finally, we come to folks who are just plain good at programming, genuinely enjoy it, and want to make it the thing they do all day, every day. Not everyone feels that way—many people deliberately shy away from passion-as-profession, concerned that the travails of the job will turn them off to the thing they love—but for those who do, there’s bootcamp.

Daenerys is this programming enthusiast, excited to begin her bootcamp journey and become a full-time software developer, so she can get out into the field and start building things even she hasn’t yet imagined. The possibilities are endless and delightful.

Whether you see yourself in one of these characters, or instead have your own unique reasons for considering bootcamp, if you’re looking to become a software developer in 2018, Fullstack—or our sister program Grace Hopper—just might be the place for you. Visit to hone your programming skills, jumpstart your 2018 career goals, and enter to win some of the $100,000 Fullstack is offering in scholarships this winter. At the House of Stack, winter is coding. Are you?

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