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The future of distributed, content linked data with IPFS

With the software used in web technology scaling at the rate that it is, often the underlying communication protocol itself is taken for granted or goes generally unquestioned. Our current protocol (IP) acts as the bottleneck for all the communication technology we develop. It is address based, and dependent upon that address existing to retrieve the desired information. It is vulnerable to a number of failures including server outage, bad/old links, and censored content. Moving away from a protocol that relies so heavily upon data centralization would require a new protocol to replace it. Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is seeking to fill this void with it's distributed, content based addressing system which would transform the link holder into both a consumer and potential host of the content. IPFS seeks to synthesize and deliver some of the best advancements in data hashing and distribution such as Git and BitTorrent.

Project Members: Jacob Regan

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