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    Veterans In Tech: How One Air Force Vet Found Their Calling In IT

    By The Fullstack Academy Team

    Fullstack Academy Veterans in Tech Ashley Raach

    As children, we’re encouraged to follow our passion, but being passionate about your career is a rarity in today’s workforce. In fact, Deloitte found only 12.3 percent of America’s workforce shows attributes of worker passion.

    Despite this low percentage, there are a few industries where employees genuinely enjoy the work they're doing — one of those industries being Information Technology (IT). According to CompTIA’s 2023 IT Industry Outlook report, nearly 80% of IT professionals feel optimistic about their role. Read on to learn about how military veteran Ashley Raach found passion as an IT Specialist.

    Discovering a Love for IT

    After working in Air Traffic Control and Honor Guard while in the Air Force, Ashley Raach knew it was time for a career change. Raach wanted to work in tech but wasn’t sure in what capacity or how to break into the industry.

    “I started to get a lot of ads and see videos on cybersecurity, which sounded interesting,” recalled Raach. “After doing some research, I found Fullstack Academy and that they offered a course on cybersecurity. They also work with VET TEC and other programs to help veterans get an education in tech. I knew this was the route I wanted to go.”

    Raach had a solid foundation to build on, having knowledge of basic computing and technology advancements, and experience maintaining computers in the Air Force. Through the Fullstack Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp and instructor support, Raach gained a deeper understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals and how to apply them to real-world situations.

    “My time at Fullstack Academy helped me to gain a more solid base of cybersecurity and helped me break into the industry that I know I will thrive in,” said Raach. “The instructors and staff are there to help, and they know their stuff. They explained everything very well and helped to teach all the subjects in detail and how to use that knowledge in the real world.”

    After graduating from bootcamp, Raach began working as an IT Specialist for a manufacturing company — and is enjoying every minute of it.

    “I have learned so much working here and been loving it. There are always new problems to solve and new things to learn that keep me engaged and on my toes throughout the day. It has been a long journey for me, but to be at a job where I know I will be happy every day and working on moving up is the absolute best. It has helped my mental health too.”

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