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    Veterans in Tech: Transitioning From Military Service to Software Engineering

    By The Fullstack Academy Team

    Fullstack Academy Veterans in Tech Cory Gold

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 200,000 service members leave the military each year, and many pursue jobs in tech. Active-duty service members and military veterans possess many transferrable skills that are highly sought-after in the tech industry. Plus, service members may have specialized training in areas like cybersecurity and software engineering.

    With the growing demand for tech professionals, Fullstack Academy is committed to helping military service members and veterans further enhance their skills and launch fulfilling careers. Learn how Cory Gold leaned on his military experience to complete a tech bootcamp and launch a rewarding career in software engineering.

    Building on Military Experience

    As Cory Gold transitioned out of the military, he realized many natural links between his experience and the tech industry. Although he had minimal experience coding, he knew the Fullstack Academy Software Engineering Bootcamp could help him launch a lucrative career.

    “In the military, working in close-knit teams to solve intricate challenges sparked my interest in a career focused on collective problem-solving,” said Gold. “Before diving into Fullstack Academy, I had limited exposure to tech — mostly from dabbling in self-study courses like FreeCodeCamp. I joined the bootcamp with a clear aim: to become a software engineering pro, connect with peers, and excel in the curriculum.”

    Throughout bootcamp, Gold was able to leverage the skills he developed during military service through group projects and hands-on assignments. When it came time to start job hunting, Gold worked with Fullstack Academy’s Career Success Team to help him land not one but two roles.

    “Navigating the post-bootcamp job hunt came with its challenges, but the resilience honed during my military service proved invaluable,” Gold mentioned. “I leaned on the resources provided by Fullstack Academy, which led me to secure my current position at Multiverse through a networking event they organized.”

    Today, Gold is a software developer at Text20rder and Software Engineering Coach at Multiverse. These roles allow him to shape codebases, experiment with innovative strategies, and contribute to developing the next generation of engineers.

    For his fellow service members and veterans looking to break into tech, Gold encourages them to lean on their military experience.

    “Embrace the journey's twists and turns. As I did, you can leverage your military-honed leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills within the tech landscape while achieving a work-life balance."

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    Apply Your Military Experience to Tech with Fullstack Academy

    At Fullstack Academy, we’ve helped hundreds of active-duty service members and military veterans launch lucrative careers in tech — and you could be next! Through our immersive, live online learning, you’ll expand on your military experience and develop in-demand skills that top employers seek. Apply today to kickstart your tech journey!