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    Veterans in Tech: Building on Air Force Experience

    By The Fullstack Academy Team

    Veterans in Tech Header Shaquille

    On September 11, 2011, Shaquille Duggan made his way to the World Trade Center to enlist in the United States Air Force. As he stood on the roof of the unfinished One World Trade Center, preparing to cite the military oath of enlistment, he felt a sense of belonging to a brotherhood and sisterhood greater than himself. Little did Duggan know that his time in the Air Force would prepare him for a rewarding tech career.

    During his time in the military, Duggan quickly became interested in tech. While working in military medicine, he began scripting to automate tedious Excel data entries and reporting logs. He also realized a variety of medical devices used Linux, so he spent countless hours navigating command-line interfaces and reading Linux command documentation.

    The Air Force also helped Duggan gain a variety of soft skills that are highly sought after in the tech industry, including teamwork, communication, and discipline.

    “The military has a long history of being the testing ground for advanced technology,” said Duggan. “Understanding the technology you interact with daily might give you a unique life experience advantage in solving challenging problems and landing innovative opportunities across many industries that use software and IT services.”

    After leaving the Air Force, Duggan wanted to increase his skills and land a role in cybersecurity. To accomplish his goals, he enrolled in the Fullstack Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

    Before bootcamp, Duggan had some basic knowledge about data structures and algorithms as well as some fundamentals of web development. In just four months, he was able to gain the experience and develop in-demand skills employers want, all while maintaining a full-time job.

    “During bootcamp, I participated in TryHackMe challenges, created automation scripts, utilized Kali Linux to virtualize machines, and discovered the ins and outs of cybersecurity threats,” recalled Duggan. “My favorite tasks involved using password crackers to break into a system. My favorite tool was HaveIbeenPwned.”

    Once Duggan graduated bootcamp, it was time to find a role, and Fullstack Academy was able to help by providing information about internships, apprenticeships, job opportunities, in-person conferences, and virtual conferences. Career Success Coaches also shared helpful tips for navigating the job search, revamping resumes, and preparing for interviews.

    “I never realized the Fullstack Academy Career Success community could be so helpful,” said Duggan. “I was able to secure a highly sought-after position with Uber Eats as a Software Engineer and Android Developer.”

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