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    Veterans in Tech: From Novice to Cybercrime Fighter

    By The Fullstack Academy Team

    Fullstack Academy Veterans in Tech Jesse Le Edwards

    As the demand for tech professionals continues to grow, many are looking to break into the industry but aren’t sure how. For many, transitioning to tech can be challenging due to a lack of relevant experience — but that’s where attending a Fullstack Academy Tech Bootcamp can help.

    Read on to learn how military veteran, Jesse-Le Edwards, gained in-demand skills and knowledge in cybersecurity to land a lucrative role at one of the largest consulting firms in the world.

    Turning Personal Experience Into a Rewarding Career

    After experiencing several cyberattacks firsthand, Jesse-Le Edwards wanted to learn to protect against scammers and hackers to prevent it from happening to others. When Edwards left the military, he decided to launch a career in cybersecurity and enrolled in the Fullstack Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

    Before bootcamp, Edwards had experience building and repairing PCs and some knowledge of computer programming, but knew very little about cybersecurity. However, that didn’t stop him from succeeding in bootcamp and finding his strengths.

    “The mentors and instructors were patient and knew there was a learning curve,” Edwards said. “My favorite part of the bootcamp was learning what the red team does and how to hack. To defend against hackers, you need to learn how to hack to know what to look for. Surprisingly, it was one of my strengths, and I did well.”

    Through the guidance of industry-experienced instructors, Edwards developed knowledge of foundational cybersecurity principles and solved common problems through real-world simulations.

    “The mentors and instructors go above and beyond to ensure you learn and understand the material and respond fairly quickly to any questions you have,” Edwards noted. “They would schedule sessions to go over a specific concept where they would answer questions and go into detail to ensure you understand it.”

    Edwards worked with a Fullstack Academy Career Coach throughout his job search. They helped him with his resume, offered networking tips, and gave him a realistic timeline for his job search.

    “I was in constant communication with the Fullstack Academy Career Success team. They helped me tremendously, whether it was conducting mock interviews, teaching me how to research companies, helping to tailor my resume, or preparing me for technical interviews.”

    With the support of a Fullstack Academy Career Coach, Edwards landed his first cybersecurity job as a Technologist at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Now that he’s found his place in tech, he encourages other veterans to do the same.

    “My advice to other veterans considering pursuing a career in tech is to just go for it. Resources are available to help you and even pay for your training, depending on your circumstances,” encouraged Edwards. “You don't need any knowledge of coding or cybersecurity to start. I and many others managed to graduate from the Fullstack Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp with little to no knowledge, and if we can do it, so can you. You need motivation, dedication, a strong support team, and never give up.”

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