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Have you ever gone outside only to realize you severely underestimated how cold it is, and should've worn a thicker jacket? Never again with WeatherAwear--a weather app that will simply tell you what to wear, every day, anywhere in the world.

Jeanne Castillo created WeatherAwear using Google's Geolocation API to get the coordinates of a searched city, and the DarkSky API to get the weather forecast at that location. She converted properties of the forecast (such as precipitation, cloud cover, and temperature) into unique weather IDs, which she then associated with categories of clothing. The state of the current location or day in the forecast is managed using React-Redux, so that every search instantly loads a new suggested outfit.

If you need WeatherAwear in your daily life, or just want to take a peek, you can use the app at To see the code, go to

Project Members: Jeanne Castillo

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