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Learn the visualization skills you need to become a Data Analyst and transform your career in 10 to 26 weeks.

Experience Fullstack Data Analytics

The Data Analytics bootcamp at Fullstack Academy helps students establish foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of data analytics.

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Students build in-demand industry skills and prepare to take certification exams in Tableau and Amazon Web Services. The program consists of Fullstack’s signature Live Online classes and workshops so you will feel fully supported along your journey.

Our up-to-date curriculum ensures course activities are relevant with real-world applications and interactive technology to help you master the knowledge and skills that you’ll acquire throughout the program.


Get a High-Demand Tech Job

According to Burning Glass, the number of jobs in Data Analytics is expected to grow 21.5% in the next 10 years.

Beginner-Friendly Program

Start as a beginner and graduate ready to be hired for a professional role in Data Analytics.

Earn a High Starting Salary

Data Analytics grads are prepared for entry-level roles that have median salaries of $74,909 (Burning Glass).

Learn from Data Analytics Experts

Our curriculum is taught by industry-leading experts who are passionate about training the next generation of Data Analysts.


Students will need to make an initial deposit at enrollment with the remaining balance due one week prior to the first day of the cohort.

For a limited time, the initial deposit to enroll is only $99* (normally $2,000) for 2021 cohorts. Get started on your journey this year before the deposit increases in 2022!

Full-Time Tuition: $14,500
Part-Time Tuition: $14,500

Fullstack Data Analytics Payment Options

Enrollment Deposit $2,000 $99 for 2021 cohorts!*
Tuition during program $14,401
Keep in mind that Fullstack Academy does not endorse, recommend, or promote any particular lender. The payment choice is at the discretion of you, the student. If you decide to use a personal loan, make sure to choose the option that works best for you.

Personal loans may also be available through your personal financial institution.

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VET TEC and VRRAP funding can be used to pay for some Fullstack programs. Check with your local VA office to see if you are eligible.

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*Offer eligibility: Upon admittance into the program, pay the $99 deposit in full prior to the enrollment date or by December 3, 2021, whichever date comes first. Students who pursue an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) are ineligible for this offer and a $2,000 enrollment deposit will be required.

Learn more about each of these ways to pay for your bootcamp education.

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*All NYC programs are still currently online. See each program's status here.


Fullstack’s Data Analytics program is a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

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There’s no experience required—just a logical reasoning test—so don’t let inexperience or unfamiliarity with the industry stop you from applying.

The Data Analytics program is specifically designed for beginners and will be a great learning environment for anyone willing to work hard and think big.

What Are We Looking For?

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Passion for Tech

Passion for tech and a desire to start a new, more fulfilling career.

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Growth Mindset

Eagerness to work hard and learn new skills

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Creative problem-solver

Successful data analysts want to find new problems to solve.

A Day in the Life of a Data Analytics Student

Full-Time: Daily Schedule, Monday through Thursday, with office hours available on Fridays

  • 9AM

    Morning Module

    Work through the first module of the day, where you watch a live lecture, and then do a related hands-on lab.

  • 12PM

    Lunch Break

  • 12:30PM to 3:30PM

    Afternoon Module

    Complete the second module of the day, including another lecture and a hands-on lab.

Part-Time: Evenings (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday)

  • 6:40PM to 9:40PM


    In the part-time program, you'll complete one module per night, including a live lecture and a related hands-on lab.

Part-Time: Saturdays

  • 9AM to 1PM


    During weekend sessions, students complete one program module with a short break.

Our Curriculum

Our unique and foundational teaching approach enables students to thrive. We keep our curriculum up-to-date and ensure our instructors are teaching the latest technologies.

Week #

  • 1–3
  • 4–6
  • 7–9
  • 10–13
  • 14–19
  • 20–23
  • 24–26
  • Become a power Excel user by learning how to use advanced features like:

    • Functions
    • Pivot tables
    • Complex formulas
  • Get comfortable creating data-driven presentations. You'll learn:

    • Data-driven storytelling
    • Summarizing with visuals
    • Advanced chart design
  • Learn, design and apply the Structured Query Language (SQL), including learning:

    • SQL fundamentals
    • SQL queries
    • SQL statements
  • Learn basic Python skills so you can manipulate and analyze your data. During bootcamp, you'll explore:

    • Python fundamentals
    • Python syntax
    • Core scripting elements such as variables and flow control structures
  • Take your data visualization skills to the next level by learning how to use Tableau.

    • Dashboard building
    • Analytical storyboards
    • Data visualization tools
  • Learn how to use the most popular analytics tools on Amazon Web Services, including:

    • AWS data analytics services
    • AWS data collection
    • AWS databases and visualizations
  • Pull together everything you’ve learned into your capstone project.

    • Work with a team
    • Work on a real-world data set
    • Use the tools you learned in the Data Analytics bootcamp


As a part of the Data Analytics programs, students will be prepared to earn the most in-demand industry certifications. Taking these certifications is optional but highly recommended for career success. Students can choose to take certification exams during or directly after the program.

CertificationWhy It Matters
Tableau Desktop Specialist

tableau specialist certificate

No matter what role you get after completing the Data Analytics bootcamp, getting certified is a great way to demonstrate your proficiency in Tableau—a widely used tool for data visualization and business intelligence.
AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty

AWS Data Analytics Specialty Certification

This certification will help you stand out in the field and demonstrates your expertise in essential security practices.

Career Success

Our career success team gives our students the professional skills they need for their first job and every job after. Knowing how to get a job is critical, which is why our Career Success team helps you graduate ready for the job search. And even after you graduate, our team is available to keep you motivated, prepare you for interviews, and even help you negotiate offers.

  • Build a Technical Resume
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Network within the Industry
  • Prepare for Behavioral Interviews
  • Stay Motivated on the Job Search
  • Craft Cover Letters
  • Communicate with Recruiters
  • Negotiate Offers

Fullstack Connections

Our team has built relationships with companies ranging from large to startups to agencies to ensure that the Fullstack brand carries weight and that we can help you make connections with the employers you want to work for.

Who Hires Fullstack Grads

Companies, universities, and governments across the country trust Fullstack Academy to train their students. The companies listed here have hired Fullstack Academy NYC graduates..

Our graduates get hired by industry leaders:

Data Analytics Roles and Salaries

Regardless of what industry you end up working in, data analysts generally spend their time finding patterns by collecting data and putting their findings into reports that can help improve their company's decision-making process. Your daily work as an analyst may include things like:

Woman presenting

Your daily work as an analyst may include things like:

  • Using business intelligence ("BI") and analytics tools (and sometimes setting them up)
  • Collecting raw data, finding patterns in it, then using the patterns to find insights for your business
  • Creating visualizations of the data
  • Creating reports using those visualizations
  • Training others in the data-collection system
  • Developing key performance indicators
  • Collaborating well with a team
  • Streamlining data collection

The Fullstack Academy Data Analytics bootcamp prepares students for roles like:

Average Entry-Level Salary in NYC
Data Analyst
$66,859 (Glassdoor)
Business Consultant
$83,621 (Glassdoor)
Insights Analyst
$57,404 (Glassdoor)
Data Analytics Consultant
$80,391 (Glassdoor)

Learn Data Analytics Online

Now more than ever is the time to build valuable tech skills.

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Curious about how you’ll learn Data Analytics with us in a remote setting?

Fullstack has nearly a decade of experience running online bootcamps, and we’ve received positive feedback on our current Live Online courses. Watch this in-depth, 30-minute long recorded info session that explores what you'll learn in our online Data Analytics Bootcamp.

Watch the Online Info Session


  • Why should I choose the Data Analytics program?

    With more than 600,000 job postings in the U.S. and a 21.5% projected 10-year growth rate, now is an exciting time to launch a fulfilling career in Data Analytics. Fullstack’s program will help you learn the in-demand skills you need to succeed in the field and start working in as few as 10 weeks.

  • What scholarships and financing options are available?

    Fullstack Academy offers scholarships ranging from $1,000 to full tuition and provides financing options through our loan partners. Learn More

  • What is the admissions assessment like?

    The admissions assessment for Data Analytics is a 45-minute, timed, logic-based exam that requires no preparation. However, if you’d like a refresher on logic-based questions, we’ve created this guide with tips for acing the assessment.

  • What is the Data Analytics remote study experience like?

    Our program is successful because we focus on one-on-one interaction with instructors, building teamwork and soft-skills, and providing a high-quality online learning environment. Read more.

  • What equipment do I need for this program?

    You’ll need a modern laptop (Mac or Windows) with a webcam, a good internet connection, and a licensed copy of Microsoft Office.

  • What certifications are supported in the Data Analytics bootcamp?

    As part of the bootcamp program, we'll train you to earn two of the most in-demand certifications in the field of data analytics: AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty and Tableau Desktop Specialist. Taking each certification exam is optional but highly recommended for career success. If you feel like you're ready, then take the exams as you go through the bootcamp. Otherwise we recommend earning the certifications soon after you graduate.

  • Is the cost of the certification exam included in the tuition?

    You will pay the exam fee at the testing center where you take your exam(s). The cost for the AWS certification exam is currently $300 and the cost of the Tableau certification exam is currently $100.

  • How much will I spend on AWS during this program?

    As part of this program, you will create an account on Amazon Web Services then work on it. You should plan to spend up to $150 on your AWS account as you work through the bootcamp.

  • When should I apply to an upcoming cohort?

    Cohorts at Fullstack Academy fill up fast, so we recommend applying well before the application deadline to save your seat.

  • How can I ask more questions?

    We're happy to answer any other questions you might have about Fullstack. Email or chat with a student advisor on our website.

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