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    Data Analytics Bootcamps in New York Guide

    Data analytics bootcamps, salaries of data analytics roles and data analytics events in NYC.

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    Data Analytics Bootcamps in New York Guide

    The world’s awash in data. In 2022, the total amount of data created and consumed globally hit a volume of 97 zettabytes, according to the market data service Statista. That’s 97 billion, trillion bytes.

    To collect, retrieve, analyze, visualize, and ultimately transform that data into actionable insights, businesses need data analysts. That’s why the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the role of data scientist as the sixth fastest-growing occupation over the coming decade.

    As a tech hub, the New York City metropolitan area employs more data analysts than any other metropolitan area, according to the BLS. It also hosts an extensive data analytics community, with resources to help train, network, and discover job opportunities.

    Fullstack Academy is part of that community. Fullstack Academy’s data analytics bootcamps can prepare students for roles in the field in as little as 26 weeks. A closer look at the bootcamps, as well as other community resources, shows what kinds of jobs, salaries, and employers they can open up in New York.

    Data Analytics Bootcamps in New York: Job Market

    At a recent conference, LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue said, “There are very few data scientists out there passing out their resumes. Data scientists are almost all already employed, because they’re so much in demand.”

    That’s true in both New York and elsewhere in the United States. Companies large and small have high numbers of job openings for data analysts and data scientists, and those numbers are projected to grow even larger in the years to come.

    • U.S. companies posted 114,000 job openings for data analysts over the past 12 months, according to the labor market company Lightcast™.

    • Nationally, the BLS projects that data analyst jobs will grow by 36% between 2021 and 2031. That’s seven times faster than all occupations, which are expected to grow by 5%.

    Demand is also heavy in the New York job market.

    • The metropolitan area employed 10,240 data scientists in May 2021, reports the BLS. That’s almost twice as many as the runners-up: San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

    • New York firms posted 8,400 job openings for data analysts over the past 12 months, according to Lightcast™.

    One way that employers are meeting the demand is by hiring graduates from data analytics bootcamps: specialized educational programs, of which Fullstack Academy has been a pioneer.

    What’s a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

    Data analytics bootcamps are modeled in part after the successful coding bootcamps that have proliferated over the past decade.

    These are immersive, fast-track programs designed to equip students with the key skills they need to qualify for entry-level data roles including data analyst.

    Two features help make bootcamps accessible to a wide range of students

    • Online options. An online program lets students get the full bootcamp experience, whether they live in New York City or elsewhere in the country.

    • Full-time/part-time options. Full-time students can finish sooner. Part-time students are able to take classes while working another job.

    Beyond foundational skills, top bootcamps offer support in finding employment. They also prepare students for certification exams, which can enhance a graduate’s job prospects.

    Why Choose a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

    It’s not surprising that bootcamps have become a popular route for entering the data analytics profession. For a student with no prior experience, they offer several advantages over the traditional route of a college degree.


    Most tech bootcamps cost between $5,000 and $20,000, according to a 2021 survey by the bootcamp education information platform, Career Karma. Fullstack Academy’s data analytics bootcamp falls in the middle, with tuition of $13,495.

    That investment can pay off in a graduate’s first year at work. On average, workers in New York City earned a starting salary of $66,600 in 2022, according to Lightcast™.

    The expense is also a fraction of the cost of a traditional, 4-year college degree in computer science, statistics, or information systems. Tuition and fees for a bachelor’s degree range from $43,800 at an in-state public institution to $157,600 at a private one, the College Board reports.

    Job Placement Assistance

    Tech bootcamps have overall high success rates in helping graduates find work in their fields. In coding bootcamps, for example, 79% of graduates get jobs, according to the course reviews platform, Course Report.

    That’s partly because top bootcamps offer career coaching, networking opportunities, internships, and job placement services. They help students write resumes and professional profiles on sites like LinkedIn and GitHub. Additionally, some bootcamps offer ongoing career-building support. Fullstack Academy graduates, for example, can receive career guidance for up to a year following graduation.

    In-Demand Skills

    A top bootcamp also offers an opportunity for students to develop a comprehensive, technical skill set that employers are seeking, plus experience using industry-standard technologies and tools likely to be used on the job.

    Students learn those skills hands-on through project-based learning. They work with teams to analyze data sets and present the results, addressing practical business needs. Students graduate not only with certificates but with portfolios of work that demonstrate their abilities.

    Accelerated Career Change

    In 2021, 53% of American workers who left their jobs transitioned into new careers, according to Pew Research. Data analytics bootcamps are well suited for career changers.

    • They can open the door to a new occupation in as little as 26 weeks.

    • They offer part-time options for students who need to work existing jobs while training for new ones.

    Financial Assistance

    Bootcamps require a financial commitment, but most help students find ways to pay for them:

    • A program may offer scholarships to reduce tuition costs.

    • Some employers will reimburse all or part of bootcamp tuition.

    • Local or regional government assistance programs may be available, depending on income and location.

    • Personal loans may also be available to pay for a bootcamp at the student’s discretion, either through various lending options or the student’s personal financial institution.

    Typical Data Analytics Salaries in New York

    New York data analytics bootcamps ask students to make a financial investment in their future careers. Such investments can begin to pay off, however, as soon as graduates become employed.

    • New York tech salaries are the third highest in the country, according to the tech employment firm Dice. They rank behind only Silicon Valley, California, and Seattle, Washington.

    • BLS data shows that data scientists in New York City earn 18% more than the national average.

    The longer a data analyst’s career, the greater the dividends that bootcamp training can pay. Experienced analysts earn 45% more, on average, than entry-level analysts, according to Lightcast™.

    Here’s a breakdown of average 2022 salaries for data analysts in New York City, in various stages of their careers, as reported by Lightcast™:

    • 0-2 years of experience: $66,600

    • 3-5 years of experience: $83,700

    • 6-8 years of experience: $92,100

    • 9+ years of experience: $96,700

    Types of Data Analytics Bootcamps

    A major reason for the popularity of bootcamps is the array of options they offer to fit students’ life and work situations. Fullstack Academy’s data analytics bootcamps offer fully online learning, meaning that a student doesn’t have to commute to a classroom.

    Top Employers Hiring in New York

    New York ranked as the top city for tech job openings in March 2022, according to data compiled by Dice. However, data analysts don’t only get hired by tech companies. The top employers for data analysts—in New York and nationwide—are in the data-intensive industries of healthcare, financial services, and consulting.

    JP Morgan Chase
    Wells Fargo Logo 2020 svg
    Deloitte logo

    Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

    Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is a subsidiary of Elevance Health, which manages healthcare plans nationwide. Health insurance has always been data-intensive, crunching actuarial numbers and tracking payments. The spread of electronic medical records has further expanded the need for data analysts.

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    Financial services is another industry that depends on data – everything from investments and bank deposits to loans and credit card rates. JPMorgan Chase & Co., headquartered in New York City, is the largest banking institution in America, with $3.7 trillion in assets as of 2021.


    Citigroup is another diversified financial services corporation that calls New York City home. Citigroup is America’s third-largest banking institution, with $1.7 million in assets as of 2021.

    Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo is America’s fourth-largest banking institution. Although it’s headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo has substantial operations in New York.

    Deloitte US

    The U.S. division of the international professional services firm Deloitte uses data for a wide variety of purposes: auditing and accounting, taxes, business consulting, and investment advising. Deloitte’s analytics division provides data analysis and artificial intelligence for all those services.

    Data Analytics Events in New York

    The data analytics community in New York extends beyond employers and jobs. The data analytics community offers a wide variety of opportunities to meet other workers and experts in the field, both in person and online.

    Such events can help data analysts get more training, find leads on companies and possible jobs, and simply exchange ideas and socialize with others working in the field. Below is a selection of local data analytics events, groups, and meetups for graduates from New York data analytics bootcamps looking to advance their careers.

    Events and Groups

    • Fullstack Academy Events: Free intros to Fullstack Academy bootcamps, along with career-focused seminars offering interview preparation advice and job-hunting strategies.

    • Columbia University Data Science Institute: This institute sponsors free monthly seminars by academics and practitioners, along with an annual on-campus Data Science Day.

    • Data Driven NYC: This monthly lecture series sponsored by venture capital firm FirstMark features data company executives, such as CEOs, chief technology officers (CTOs), and founders.

    • Data Science Salon: This community of data science and machine learning professionals puts on conferences in New York and in other major tech cities.

    • NYC Open Data Week: This event is organized by the NYC Office of Technology and teaches residents how to access and use municipal data sources.

    • Women in Data: This worldwide organization’s NYC chapter promotes diversity in data analytics and offers mentoring, professional development, conferences, and volunteer opportunities.



      • A data analytics bootcamp is an immersive training program that prepares students for employment as data analysts much faster than traditional academic programs. A data analytics bootcamp offers several benefits:

        • It can be entirely online, lowering costs and making it easier to fit classes into schedules.

        • Data analytics bootcamps are intensive, for those who want to change careers quickly.

        • Some bootcamps, including Fullstack Academy’s, offer part-time options for students who want to maintain their job while they study.

        • Fullstack Academy bootcamps focus on data technologies and tools widely in demand by employers. Fullstack Academy, for example, covers Microsoft Excel, Structured Query Language, Tableau, Python, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

        • Some, such as Fullstack Academy’s data analytics bootcamp, offer instruction from industry-experienced professionals.

        • Fullstack Academy’s data analytics bootcamp prepares students to take exams for the Tableau Desktop Specialist and AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty certifications.

        • Fullstack Academy provides career coaching and job placement assistance.

      • In New York City, according to Lightcast™, data analysts earn median annual salaries of:

        • $66,600 for entry-level analysts

        • $83,700 for mid-level analysts

        • $96,700 for experienced analysts

      • At Fullstack Academy, the part-time bootcamp is 26 weeks.

        Online bootcamps offer a wide range of quality, lengths, depth, skills, and support. Short tech bootcamps may be fast, full-time intensives aimed at providing surface-level knowledge of a field. Longer bootcamps can offer more schedule flexibility and cover a wider range of material, as well as provide more opportunities for hands-on, project-based learning.

        When searching for a bootcamp, find a program that fits your unique educational needs and goals. For instance, Fullstack Academy offers part-time live online tech bootcamps with immersive curricula and career support to help beginners and seasoned professionals looking to gain the skills employers want. Although longer than average bootcamps, graduates of Fullstack Academy programs leave with foundational and advanced skills, receive job-search guidance, and have portfolios to show prospective employers.


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