DOMINATION is a turn-based strategy game inspired by the classic board game Risk. Players can customize their board and opt to play against up to 4 other players, with any combination of human or AI players, or can join an existing game with any other open room. New players can also learn to play by challenging AI player 'Zero' in Tutorial mode.

Some features that Domination has added to typical game play include a hexagonal-based board for greater flexibility of movement, as well as landmarks with special bonuses for more complex strategic deliberation. The game was built using React, Redux, Firebase, and Express. AI players were developed using a genetic algorithm to determine the most successful strategies.

Team Members
  • BreAnna Silva, Zachary Friedman, Damian Michniak, Christian Sadi

HTML5/CSS3, Gaming, Real-time / Web Sockets, React, Redux

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