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Fullstack graduates work at the greatest technology companies in the world. We want to make it easier for them to start their own.

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Our students amaze us with what they build

Students who complete the Fullstack Academy immersive program go on to work for great companies like Google and Amazon. What if we helped them launch startups instead? That’s why we’re creating the Fullstack Fund.

$20K seed funding

We'll invest $20K in return for 1.5% equity in your startup. Teams must have at least 2 Fullstack grads and at most 4 members.

Co-working space in NYC

You fell in love with our high-tech campus during the immersive program. Now you’ll get to keep working here, surrounded by some of the smartest and nicest people you’ve ever met.

Advice & Mentorship

Continue to access the resources that helped you become successful during the program. Office Hours, workshops and connections to the tech community will keep you moving quickly.

Fullstack Fund in the news

Fullstack Academy was born in Y Combinator

They believed in us when all we had was an idea. Now we'd like to pay it forward to the next generation of tech founders.

People attend y-combinator presentation
Fullstack Fund is inspired by the YC fellows program

Like the YC Fellowship Program, the Fullstack Fund is designed to help early-stage startups get into great accelerators like Y Combinator. The main differences are that we’re based in NYC, and that our program is only open to students and alumni of Fullstack Academy (and related schools). All the deal points are the same (e.g. we take 1.5% equity).

We'll try to get you into YC

We’ll help you develop your idea and product so that you have the best chance of being in the 3% of companies that get accepted into YC. Not only will we help with your application, but we’ll also tell our friends at YC that we think you’re awesome. Our goal is that 50% the companies we fund get accepted into YC.

We’re hackers too

We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to make something people want. And we can help you too.

Office hours

You can schedule office hours with any Fullstack staff member. We’ll give you advice about everything from product design to growth hacking.

Talking to investors

We’ve raised money for startups, and we’re also investors. So we can help you build something people will want to invest in, and refine your pitch to investors.


Product management


UI/UX design


Technical architecture


Running a lean startup


Growth hacking


Financial Planning


Writing a great pitch deck

More than just money

There are many more paths to startup success beyond venture capital. We'll explore ways to get your business to "default alive" and build your company for sustainability.


Control your own destiny

We’re huge fans of the “bootstrapping” approach, an idea popularized by the team at Basecamp. Build your business on your own steam and answer to no one.

Connect with your customers

Many successful products and startups have been launched on Kickstarter campaigns. Reverse engineer the tactics of the best campaigns and build something that excites customers so much they pay to develop it.

AngelList logo

Tap into the world of angel investors

Some angels put in just a few thousand dollars…but some “super angels” can put in a million or more. We’ll help you understand networks like AngelList, so you can reach out to angels who may be a good fit for your startup.

“Fullstack graduates are some of the smartest, most passionate and dedicated people I've ever met and many are doing amazing things. The Fullstack Fund is a way to encourage these people to make their own dent in the universe.”

David Yang

CEO and Co-founder, Fullstack Academy

More than just money

There are many more paths to startup success beyond venture capital. We'll explore ways to get your business to "default alive" and build your company for sustainability.

Minimum Viable Product

You'll spend most of your time in the program building your startup's MVP...and making sure it's awesome.

Connect with users

Talk to potential users and build up your first passionate fans. Rapidly iterate with them to create a product that they can't live without.

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Craft a pitch

You’ll pull everything together into a story that gets investors excited. You'll create a video of your pitch, including a demo of your product.

Get into YC

Raise the next level of funding either through an acclaimed accelerator program or through angel/VC investment.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our FAQ Page for more information about how the Fullstack Fund works and what we are looking for

Got what it takes?

If you’re a student or alumni from Fullstack Academy — and want to spend 8 weeks working full-time on your very early-stage startup with us — we invite you to apply to Fullstack Fund.

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