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    How a Fullstack Academy Grad Got Promoted at Amazon

    By The Fullstack Academy Team

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    In the tech industry, innovation drives success, and building a tech career requires focus, dedication, and skill. The journey of Anthony Ruiz proves that the combination of education and commitment can unlock a rewarding tech career. This article explores Ruiz's transformation from a warehouse Fulfillment Associate to a Software Development Engineer I (SDE) at Amazon. Discover how Ruiz leveraged the skills and experience gained from the Fullstack Academy and Amazon Career Choice Web Development Bootcamp to upskill and land a job in tech!

    Although Ruiz possessed a computer science degree, his experience as a Fulfillment Associate was instrumental in shaping Ruiz’s career path and leading him to pursue a bootcamp education with Fullstack Academy. In the Fulfillment Associate role at Amazon, Ruiz worked closely with the Global Security Operation (GSO) team, exposing him to the intricate interplay between complex systems and large-scale operations. Witnessing firsthand how technology seamlessly integrated with daily operations sparked a curiosity within him. This newfound interest in tech planted the seeds for Ruiz’s future career aspirations. He then decided to utilize Career Choice, an education benefit offered by Amazon that empowers employees to learn new skills for career success at the company or elsewhere.

    Full-time and part-time Amazon associates who meet the Career Choice eligibility requirements receive a budget covering 100% of tuition for select web development and cybersecurity programs offered by Fullstack Academy, one of the longest-running and most reputable bootcamp providers in the nation. This innovative program, designed specifically for Amazon associates, offered Ruiz a chance to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become a web developer or software engineer.

    “My primary goal for the bootcamp was to gain experience in React and build a portfolio to secure a Software Development Engineer (SDE) position in the future,” explained Ruiz. “The most challenging aspect for me was grasping new concepts, even with prior React experience.”

    According to Ruiz, the office hours provided invaluable additional support in understanding concepts. These sessions were instrumental in helping solidify Ruiz’s understanding, overcome hurdles, and adapt to the fast-paced nature of bootcamp. Tech bootcamps are accelerated training programs designed to equip career changers, upskills, and seasoned professionals with in-demand tech skills.

    Through the live online Fullstack Academy and Amazon Career Choice Web Development Bootcamp, Ruiz explored programming languages like JavaScript and frameworks like React. In bootcamp, Ruiz also honed problem-solving skills, learned to collaborate effectively in a team environment, and received Amazon Web Services (AWS) training. While Ruiz doesn't pinpoint a single favorite learning unit, the AWS training in bootcamp left a lasting impression on him. Understanding AWS is crucial for many SDE roles, and the bootcamp equipped him with this vital knowledge.

    Although the program was rigorous, Ruiz never gave up and graduated from the Fullstack Academy and Amazon Career Choice Web Development Bootcamp with new skills, confidence, job search strategies, and a portfolio to demonstrate knowledge and experience to employers.

    “Fullstack Academy played a crucial role in helping me craft an impressive resume,” said Ruiz.

    After graduating from the bootcamp, Ruiz secured a position as a Software Development Engineer I at Amazon using the internal Amazon jobs portal and his newly revamped resume.

    “I'm thrilled to tackle challenging and unconventional problems, and this role offers me that opportunity at one of the world's leading tech companies,” explained Ruiz.

    Ruiz’s tech journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, the transformative potential of education, and the unique opportunities offered by programs like Amazon Career Choice and Fullstack Academy.

    “Embarking on a tech career isn't easy, but it's certainly achievable,” shared Ruiz. “It took me about 10 months of hard work, but now I've landed my dream job!”

    With the right guidance and a commitment to learning, you too can make your tech career aspirations a reality. Ruiz's story is an inspiring example of how someone can use their former career experiences and the power of a Fullstack Academy education to forge a new path in the world of technology. To learn more about how you can gain the skills needed to pursue a career in tech, explore Fullstack Academy’s live online tech bootcamp offerings.

    Currently working at Amazon? Learn about the Fullstack Academy and Amazon Career Choice bootcamps by visiting our partnership website.