Get a Full Scholarship to Attend Fullstack's Remote Immersive

$500,000 in scholarships are being awarded to remote students across the United States

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The 50 States of Code Scholarship Program awards remote students partial and full-tuition scholarships.

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants to Fullstack's Remote Immersive must detail why they’re interested in a software engineering career and collect references on a Facebook campaign page.

How to Qualify for 50 States of Code

Create a "Cause or Community" page on Facebook

On the lefthand side of your news feed, select "create page." Choose "Cause or Community" from the options listed and give your campaign an original name!

Tell us why you want to be a software engineer

In the "About" tab, tell your friends that you need their endorsements to take advantage of this opportunity. Let them know how this program will benefit you.

Collect 10 endorsements on your Facebook page

Share the page with your friends and family, and ask them to write a brief endorsement on your page's wall (describing why they support your effort to win this scholarship).

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In addition to collecting references on Facebook, you'll need to fill out the form below to be considered for the 50 States of Code scholarship. Please be advised, you’ll also need to submit an application to Fullstack Academy on our apply page. This scholarship is only available to students accepted into the Remote Immersive program.

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