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Advanced Querying Techniques: Normalizr.js & Ramda.js

In this video, Christopher Rizzo delivers a presentation on the benefits of incorporating libraries like Normalizr and Ramda in to your production workflow.

He provides a brief introduction to the concept of Normalizing data. He discusses how to analyze how your data is structured, how to write schema for Normalizr, and contrasts the ways Normalized and Raw data can be manipulated and accessed.

In the second section, he dives in to the topic of Currying and using a library like Ramda to develop curried functions with additional features. Christopher then shows how to analyze the formulaic components of a function, so that you can help recognize patterns and develop generic functions that can be curried to add specialization.

He concludes by putting the two libraries together to develop a curried Model Query generator function, capable of taking in models, Sequelize Queries, their options objects, and Normalizr Schemas to quickly create many different queries that are specialized and reusable throughout your app!

Project Members: Christopher Rizzo

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