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Collaborative editing and version control with text documents can be cumbersome. Emailing files back and forth and tracking dozens of attachments and edits can get messy.

As developers we have git to track changes in our code. But what tools do lawyers, screenwriters, or academics have to manage the version control process for their documents? This is the problem that we set out to solve with Archiver --- a custom version control desktop application.

With Archiver you can easily upload a file and add other users as collaborators. Those collaborators then have access to download the file, make edits, and upload their version of the file. Each version of the file is saved to the Archiver server and can referred to at anytime -- along with notes about the changes and who made them.

Archiver doesn't use any external APIs or git commands. Instead, we built custom version control commands to create a unique user experience that doesn't involve having to learn the command line or having to interface with Github.

Project Members: Stephanie Manwaring, Sophia Chen, Kenneth Moy, Hannah Cain

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